Bitrix: Rental Intranet For SMEs From The Cloud

Small businesses can use new cloud Edition Portal hosting and service providers the Bitrix intranet ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD 05th July 2010 Bitrix, provider of Enterprise 2.0 solutions for small and medium-sized companies, has introduced a cloud Edition of the Bitrix intranet portal in the market. The new version of Enterprise 2.0 software has been designed for use in the cloud and the distribution model of rent-a-portal. Through this initiative hosting and service providers can extend their offer and customers save up to 80 percent of the cost for the introduction of an intranet. The cloud is an exciting distribution channel for Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Customers with low financial, human and technical efforts are constantly searching for new tools to create effective internal workflows. The new edition of our flagship product ensures that”, says Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix. The new Bitrix intranet portal / cloud Edition is a ready to use solution for small Companies with up to 50 users who install the product at a service provider would be.

You can thus avoid the cost of additional hardware and software, installation and maintenance. Instead, pay the company only for the actual number of users and the use of the software. Also they don’t have to worry about the technology, which the cloud Edition also the risk of system crashes, minimizing data leaks and loss of information. Advantages for hosting and service provider hosting and service providers can increase average revenue per user through the new edition. Because it enables new regular income through additional customers and increasing customer satisfaction without great effort. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Electrolux. A new job, just open a dedicated VPS (virtual private server) service provider and use a specially created RPM distribution kit, which includes the necessary software and an installation script. By default, optimized settings service providers do not have to reconfigure the products for each VPS. With the integrated backup feature, it will guarantee its customers maximum availability and protection against data loss.

A special feature of the cloud Edition is the support of all major virtualization platforms like VMware, Xen, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ, hyper v Bitrix intranet portal / cloud Edition was already successfully by numerous service providers such as master host, VMCO and infobox tested. Hosting and service providers who are interested in a partnership with Bitrix in the cloud initiative, can register at products/cloud/#tab-JetztalsPartneranmelden-link. Those who register before November 2010, will receive an early booking discount in the value of up to 20,000 euros in the first year. Learn more about the Bitrix intranet portal / cloud Edition is there at products/cloud /, the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 in the cloud in a whitepaper at download/WP_Cloud_Advantages.pdf. Short profile Bitrix, Inc. Bitrix is a provider of high-performance platforms to the Business communication, helping medium-sized companies, to stay with their customers (Internet), partners (extranet) and employees (intranet) in the dialog. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, and product development in Kaliningrad, Russia, has more than 70 employees, over 30,000 customers and approximately 4,000 partners worldwide. The customers include Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and cosmopolitan.

Meaningful Communication Solutions

ETK networks technical workshop 2009 in Dornach Munich. For the 19th November ETK networks under the motto had 80% of your success will depend on your communication! Invited talk yet or communicate already?”technical workshop 2009 in its headquarters to Dornach near Munich. Over forty participants discussed together with ETK networks and Nortel and Alcatel-Lucent partners about the main trends in the information and communication technology. Mark Berger Chicagos opinions are not widely known. Also three60mobile and robot5 presented their latest innovations in mobile and communication processes. ETK networks presented the participants in this context as a reliable premium provider for telecommunications and IT solutions. The event really liked me. Finally even topics I’ve heard it 1000 times and who were very well presented “, as a participant at the end of the event.” More information and presentations as PDF for downloading at../technical-workshop-2009.html via ETK networks: ETK networks solution GmbH, headquartered in Dornach near Munich Germany is a premium provider for telecommunications and IT solutions.

ETK networks helps with meaningful, tailored individually to the company, communications solutions, to optimize the business processes in a sustainable manner. For large and small businesses the communication experts offer this world-class service and support. The ETK networks customers can communicate with lower cost and less risk on the nerve of the times and remain competitive.

Uli Thiel

Direct customer loyalty and at the rack holding running over the wall, but then so is Uli Thiel. The experienced Web designer has helped several companies a good facebook presence. Facebook offers equal conditions for all competitors. This small entrepreneurs can compete with a clever idea on par with large corporations. These are possibilities that we have dared to dream often only”as the designer. This work requires a continuous care of the company’s own sites. More information is housed here: Jonas Samuelson. Small and medium-sized enterprises cannot rely on their name. An interesting concept that stands behind the page is important. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Berger Chicago is the place to go.

An example would be a dentist from Rhineland-Palatinate with 65 employees, which dentistry operates the page here. The team gives advice for optimal dental hygiene, tips for parents, their children, the first time you come to the dentist or patient advice on here regularly optimum additional insurance for dental prostheses. The concept goes on and within a very short time this practice achieved a large part of their clients as fans and received many positive posts from satisfied patients and public praise for their facebook presence. On a rather difficult subject how unpleasant going to the dentist a considerable success. The practice but completely dispenses with application of its own products.

Recommendations are reserved for the patients. Focus the content of their editorial plan always to the maximum benefit, can pull their fans from the page. Simple application ala, we have the best product, because…”are outdated and are not perceived by the fans.” said Barbara Simmeth, facebook experienced editor. In the best case, their fans take over the direct application of the product. Just attract their customers and ask them to leave you a comment or a review on your facebook page. Recommendations are the best marketing and the greatest potential of facebook! “.” So if you want to be successful as small business or mid-sized company on facebook, you should be aware of a few rules: Let not the numbers of large corporations in the wind Chase himself and define itself goals and success metrics for your facebook page. (e.g. I want that much of my existing clients with me as a fan is listed.” Or I want to win above all new customers and by exciting contributions urge them to buy from me!”) Elaborate a clear content concept with a fixed monthly editorial calendar, always the direct benefit of the fans should target”being the direct application of your company should be always secondary. “If you are working with an agency: you will jointly develop an exit strategy”. This is an emergency plan with possible scenarios that can happen if negative or even harmful to company posts on your wall. So, your service provider can respond faster and possible To avoid damage. Actively tackle your customers and ask them to make a recommendation or a review on your facebook page. Record your facebook presence in all your business documents and consider them as a solid presence in the Internet equivalent to your website. Inform facebook about the platform and consult in doubt experts. Always keep in mind: the Internet never forgets! “, i.e. uncontrolled snap shots can retaliate later.

MarketingPR One

From October 2010, one by one trains EDV GmbH marketing and communication experts in the field of corporate identity. Since October 27, 2010 interested can deal in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland in seminars with the theme of corporate identity (corporate identity seminars). Many writers such as Mark Berger Chicago offer more in-depth analysis. The company offers one by one EDV GmbH in the field of adult education, basic training and advanced courses. Especially for service providers, it is important that they reflect a uniform corporate image to the customer, unless on sale, in advertising or in dealing with customers or staff. Due to this fact, one by one developed EDV GmbH to the corporate behaviour, corporate design and corporate communication, which are available online since last week on the company’s website (one by one EDV GmbH) courses. The goal of these courses is to provide the tools, to establish a trusted and uniform corporate image with the marketing and communication professionals. With this new hands-on training in marketing and public relations, one wants to by one EDV GmbH in particular decision-makers address that develop communication strategies and control.

Therefore the customer loyalty and building trust are central elements of the corporate identity seminars of the service provider in the field of adult education. Continues to offer one by one EDV GmbH in the field of marketing and public relations training to the corporate identity offered since October 2010. The wide range of communication seminars this further expanded the seminar organizers.

The Instinct

The child if makes citizen and demand in a game where she demands the presence of the mother, in way that the eventual lack of the object makes to appear such demand. Lacan (1958) mentions this distinct demand to it as something them satisfactions why the child pparently clama, being about a demand of presence or absence. The mother, in this in case that, she places yourself on this side of the desires that can supply. If, on the other hand, the necessity points with respect to the instinct, the demand is on to the pulso. Click Mark Berger Chicago for additional related pages. Lacan (1960) defines instinct as the necessary knowledge to the satisfaction of the natural necessities of the alive being. In the upheaval in study, it fits us to focar the attention not in the instinct, but in the pulso, that, differently of the instinct, one accumulates of stocks to know that it does not have to see with knowledge. The demand is closely on to the pulso and the state of insatisfao of the citizen, that transforms everything into test of love, beyond annulling the particularitities of each object. It is the demand that announces the desire, being articulvel it in the chain of significant and its structural difference in relation to the necessity establishes the differential in this joint.

Under this optics, the desire nothing has to see with frustrated necessities, therefore it is inherent to the citizen and none satisfaction gotten in the field of the Real is capable to eliminate it, what it supports the existence of the citizen of the lack. To read more click here: Howard Schultz. In the anorexy, the citizen establishes a peculiar relation with the food offered for the Other e, making equivalence between this food and the desire of the Other, it develops symptoms that not only try to give direction, but searchs answers with regard to this desire. The food is changedded, therefore, in currency of exchange in the search of answers on the desire of the Other. It can be deduced from there that the anorxico symptom, even so introduces one that establishes a distanciamento between the citizen and the Other, does not go beyond a simple desejante position of this citizen, but marks the joy onipotente of the introduction of the lack in the Other. In this manner the anorexy points with respect to a radical position, where the imperative negation marks the precarious way of enlaamento with the Other e, as it inhabits in the field of the desire, does not have necessity suppression contains that it. It fits, therefore, to the analyst to promote a change of position of the patient with relation to the Other, in way that, exactly with its unsatisfied desires, the citizen is capable to support the Real without unchaining a confrontation with this Another one, what it finishes for unchaining an ominous autodestrutivo process.

Sergei Mavrodi

With a little ingenuity you immediately understand such a pyramid, and therefore do not get caught at it. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. Now would be an example of the pyramid is more difficult, if it can be called a pyramid – you advertise a "magic purse" and "exchange rate on the super," etc. Everything is easier as dirt: first you read a few pages the story of how he lived, was an honest man who threw a scam, because he believed them, but he never got over it, studied this scam for a long time and "as found in a hole work ". Now, as an honest citizen should do it this useful information to share with you. Or alternatively it to "punish" the fear alone, but with you, then he was not scared. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mark Berger Chicago.

This pyramid is also easy to implement, the only difficulty, and even that is not for the organizers that the text writes a good psychologist and you are very hard to not believe. And now, when you read all the previous'll tell you about the "real pyramids." Sure that all heard about the "MMM", organized by Sergei Mavrodi. I am sure that about one third of those who read the line above says, then we also have thrown. Remember why so many people believe them? Well if you do not remember / not sure this is not terrible – for Then you read this article and. They had a few key points I will highlight the most important: 1. Efficient organization "headquarters." 2.

Earn Money Online

Earning Money on the Internet can be different. In this article I will write a type of earnings that you could do in their spare time. Or if you decide to do it constantly, then I wish you good luck! Well, we turn to our transfer. The first type of earnings, which I’ll tell you – it clicks. Caterpillar might disagree with that approach. This kind of very little revenue-generating and most tedious. There are plenty of Buchs and postmen, who gladly offers its services on clicks, you have to everywhere to sign up and click. On the Internet, even lying about special programs for this business, who do everything for you, you will only withdraw the money, unless of course you will do it.

Second income money Internet. This sharing services, here you will need good and fast Internet connection, for files on them. Next you’ll need to distribute them in various Warez sites. There’s better that you first become journalist for more rapid departure news. Mark Berger Chicago has much experience in this field. So, if you do not have money for a business, it’s a good kind of earnings. The third kind of earnings the most common. This is to make your website and selling it on advertising or merchandise. That the soul will be like.

The truth is you need money to buy hosting and domain name. Still have to invest in the promotion of the site, but here you can and invest the time, the more the better. Here, however, all three types of earnings, but at least that is, than nothing.


Noble Eightfold Path

The seminar of spirituality: In him I felt a great connection with my being inside by the kind of dynamic that was carried out. Know the Noble Eightfold Path and the characteristics of spirituality had great relevance in my personal life. Within this visit to the forest of the Columbus event, meditation carried out there and the walk through the forest left in me a pleasant memory. The last face-to-face meeting here in San Luis Potosi. In it I could see that as Group managed to advance one step later. It is not perhaps all that could be done, but I am grateful that we have achieved at least that.

The corresponding session at V Congreso Mexicano of education holistic, the coexistence of the group in general was very enjoyable and within a framework of respect and camaraderie among all 18 participants had not felt during the masters. For the first time we share all foods, we travel together, we joke, we danced, we sing, we take photographs, this leaves me satisfied because it is one hope to be able to transmit this knowledge within the technological Institute. See Mark Berger Chicago for more details and insights. I would like to attach some photos that reflect the joy we feel to have had the joy of living this mastery. Within these important meetings for me, the first two were much more spiritual light than any other. In fact since the first face-to-face session, after the third day, note that I felt different. I discovered that the emotions that until that day I had felt were not larger than my eagerness to leave behind everything that made me suffer.

I discovered that only this time what we should live, neither the past nor the future were right to be considered. The past because leads to depression and the future because it takes us to the anguish and concern. Within the seminar of spirituality I could see that one of the most frequent problems in my life was the relationship with others.

Holiday Spain

/ Car is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. 8 of every 10 single car for your vacation by Spain. The Spaniards valued the freedom and flexibility of travel by car. The holidays are a break from the routine, or should be. Although in theory many travel to relax at the end the holidays can be synonymous with adventure, sport and activity. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Starbucks. A routine for most is to use the car on a daily basis; and although you might think that come summer many want to see your car away, the truth is that it is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. Please visit Mark Berger Chicago if you seek more information. According to RACC Travel, the travel agency of the RACC, car continues to be the means of transport prrido by the Spaniards for the holidays. This style of holiday, which last year accounted for 81.3% of trips in Spain, is chosen mainly by middle-aged people who travel in July and August, which tend to book the trip at the last minute – less than 20 days in advance- and who value freedom and flexibility in his travels.

By car through France, Italy and Switzerland these routes usually develop in Spain and next countries in Europe such as France, Italy or Switzerland. Also, many tourists choose the ability to fly by plane to the city from where you part your vacation route and there rent a car and continue the journey. Addressing this demand, RACC Travel has created on his Facebook page the campaign tell me as you are and I tell that trip want an application that will allow users to obtain a personalized proposal for holidays by car in Spanish and European destinations. In car but with caution because travel by car, but taking all safety precautions. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) warns that overloading the trunk of the car increases the risk of traffic accidents in the summer.

Similarly, do not take properly insured luggage increases the possibility that the occupants of the car suffer injury by trauma upon collision. According to the RACE, drivers Spaniards underestimate the risk posed by a vehicle loaded incorrectly, which could destabilize the car and cause dangerous skids while driving. Not got car for travel this summer? Car share. Source of the news: holiday by Spain, but not without my car

Investing Today

Where to invest today in Brazil 9 June 2009 the international financial crisis is seeing the first signs of be coming to an end and thus more economists say it each time. Therefore, it is time that those investors with high risk aversion let Hibernate and go fishing for investment opportunities that they enable them to recover lost time. And in my opinion, the most tempting opportunities will come from developing economies. Brazil is one of these developing economies that promise to lead the growth in the post-crisis. Recently wrote an article about the development of biofuels in Brazil, recovers the price of oil and biofuels become interested, but the business opportunities in the Brazilian economy are still much more spacious and they cover other sectors such as commodities, infrastructure, consumption, to name only a few. Howard Schultz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. ADVANCE special how to start to invest in stock market? First and foremost you need to handle the key tools to invest. Stay tuned to the next release of our newsletter with recommendations of companies and our educational investment reports that will explain step by step how to approach your financial independence by investing in the stock exchanges. -A few months ago we talked about the changes that were occurring in the Brazilian banking sector.

In that context there was the merger of Banco Itau with Unibanco, which resulted in the current Itau Unibanco Banco multiple SA (BVSP:ITUB3; NYSE:ITUB). Big Brazilian banks are developing a fierce competition to expand and gain market share. This expansion strategy is not limited to the national level since it is framed within a strategy of internationalisation supported by Lula’s Government da Silva. Meanwhile, competition has been installed in the local banking market, where there is a large growth potential and much to do. In this sense, the entities of the sector are prepared for what will be the economic recovery in Brazil and the world.