10 Bicycle-friendly Beer Garden For Innovative Product In Germany Wanted

The first bike rack outlet are delivered before the cycling season. Beer gardens, cafes and restaurants can apply and also receive a lot of public work. In the Netherlands, the innovative bicycle stand with socket be set up since last summer. In Germany, they come on time to the took in the spring on the market. Previously, the portal looks Radgaragen.de Germany ten beer gardens, cafes or restaurants with an outdoor terrace, where first the bicycle stand with socket must be positioned. It must be sufficiently large catering establishments controlled previously by cyclists. Ideally, they are on or in the vicinity of heavily frequented cycling trails or in the immediate vicinity of large cities.

Part of the concept is a wide publicity about the targeted on the special service for owners of electric bikes and thus also the gastronomic operating pointed out in the spring and summer 2010 should. Currently including discussions with TV channels. The bike rack outlet are an innovative product, consisting of a bicycle stand developed according to the criteria of the ADFC and a high-quality, electrical connection according to CE standard. The electric bike is connected to the bicycle rack safely. At the same time the empty battery is recharged and the bike with full battery can continue after one hour. In the one hour of charging, dine and have the cyclists in the catering operation, so that its sales increased. You will take even a detour into buying after previous experience to be able to use the service of charging. Owners of electric bikes have incidentally very high income and mostly about an education degree.

An average electric bike over 2,000 euros and is often driven by people over 50 years old and very active. It is not only to physically limited persons. Last year, there were more than 120,000 sold Electric bicycles nationwide. It will remain the market segment with the highest growth rates in 2010. Andreessen Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The handling of the bicycle rack and the socket is easy and secure. Since nothing needs to be explained. Cyclists will be reporting according to previous observations of friends and acquaintances from the great service. The catering business can be as innovative and service-oriented position and achieved a great deal of attention at the same time. Find all the information about the bicycle stand with socket on the portal to participate in extends an E-mail with a brief description of the beer garden or a link to your own website on or calling 02233 406 234. applications are taken up to February 28, contrary to.