Public Market

The visit to the Archive, took to observe me it on built cultural patrimony, understood as a good of public fruition, in what it respects to the built patrimony, reflects the preservation notion, has a factor to construct an attraction in our society, therefore it searchs a reply involves, the inheritance of the city as a whole. Patrimony. This beautiful old word was, in the origin, on to the familiar, economic and legal structures of a steady society, taken root in the space and the time. Requalificada for diverse adjectives (genetic, natural, historical, etc.) that they had made of it a concept ' ' nmade' ' , it follows a different and thundering trajectory today. Historic site. The expression assigns a good destined to the fruition of a community that if extended the planetary dimensions, constituted of the continuous accumulation of an object diversity that if congregates for its common past.

(Choay. Franoise: The alegoria of the Patrimony, pags. 11-12- Translation of Luciano Vieira Axe) In elapsing of the visit I had the access to inquiries of the fire occurred in the public market in 1912, I observed an act book of the year of 1884 where it described the conditions of the alforrias in that period, the documents that the oficineiras it showed for the great group, brought tona the question of paleography, can reflect on the time where this documentation was inaccessible to the users and the researchers, then when consulting the manuscripts, I also confrotted myself with other relative aspects to the vocabulary, grafia, calligraphy. Inside of the dynamics of the visit we had a contact with the Detective Owl, where it sketches accuses on the fire of the occurred Public Market in 1912, according to oficineiras the detective owl was a citizen who appears mysteriously in the past. After the debate on the source primary with the oficineiras I had access to the periodic one of the time, a periodical dated in 1858, where it said following ' ' slave of African origin, ris&#039 is vendida in middle of March for a farmer for one gentleman of slave for 855; ' the negotiation was made right in Porto Alegre, this called me the attention for the fact as the blacks were treated in the communicative way, were treated as ' ' animais' ' that they came of the African continent, by means of document as this contract of purchase and sales of a human being I could observe the importance of the sources for the agreement of the past, using this material I detach that this period of the slavery is one of the most violent customs of some people in enslaving to another one.


Merrill Lynch

Volatileness is in levels record neither the more nor the less because the data that the market is receiving are extremely confused. The unique certainty whereupon counts the financial analysts is that the uncertainty will continue. That is, they are now more honest than ever. I doubt that HenryBlodget had been able to so honestly communicate this to its clients. (Blodget was an analyst of Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER) that was famous in the last stage of bubble Internet by two reasons: to foretell Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) to $400 when it was worth half the following month, guessing right, and to finish exonerated of the industry to recommend action of Internet to his clients, it described at the same time as them like " basura" in his emails prevailed. Until the ESA realized and this could have marked techo" of era Internet).

The humor of reflects it to the investors. On the one hand there is a pile of very discouraging economic data, and on the other it has swelling optimistic originating of the governments of Europe and the United States, who are sent to maintain the first and unique economy like objective. An economy that tends to the recession, which impels to the shareholding markets to the loss. But when arriving the quotes at so low values, are generated rounds of purchases with strong rises. The Federal commander of reserves, Horseradish tree Bernanke said that " an ample economic recovery will not happen enseguida" , same if the markets became stabilized now. The reading it is? To sell. " Volatileness today triples to the average observed in the long term, and is five times superior to the one of the years of fort raises stock-exchange, in 2004, 2005 and 2006. We are in an extreme situation, that remembers in the worse one of the cases to crac of October of 1987 or the oil shock of 1973-74" , it indicated Eric Galigue, director of French the consulting company/signature of finances Valquant to agency AP.


Market Analysis

Analysis of the market of divisasEuro-Dollar – To break the 1.34 area will lead to a medium term collapse the Euro paused to only 4 pts over the resistance specified in the report of yesterday, 1.3648, and was strong, breaking the support of 1.3589, and achieved immediate goal successfully proposed of 1,3496. Also it was near the second objective of 1.3442 (the loss of was yesterday of 1,3459). We observe in the graphical associate, who the loss of yesterday was closely together of the line of tendency surpassing slightly 1.3422, in the measurement that could be considered as a third touch of the line. Thus, this line has gained more importance. Generally, when the price pauses and creates a series of bottoms that are so close one of the other (1.3442, 1.3450 and 1.3459 of yesterday), and it provides a line to us of slightly increasing tendency as it is the case, a rupture of this line will be translated in a great movement in the medium term, which is to hope here. A rupture of this line could be in a movement approaching 1.30 in very few weeks. For the short term, the mentioned line provides a support in 1.3465, and if it is broken, we see fall to the Euro to 1.3390 and 1,3299. The resistance is provided by 61.8% of Fibonacci in the short term to 1,3578, and if the Euro is broken is going to take breath, and to jump to 1,3652, and perhaps up to 1.3740.

Support: 1,3465: Line of tendency slightly happening of 1,3422. 1,3390: High of the 13 of April. 1,3299: High of the 24 of April. Resistance: 1,3578: Fibonacci 61.8% for the short term. 1,3652: Level of important resistance in the graphs per hour. 1,3740: Zone of well-known previous resistance. Pound – Dollar – enormous drop, concentrating in the levels in the short term.


Marketing Online

Much people send themselves to this adventure thinking that there is a sea of prepared people to only sign by the mere fact that are going they to like your idea. But you have seen sometimes a carpenter make a chair without its tools? , because this is the same, you have before you that sea of people but you need the tools to arrive at that people and it reads or it listens what you must offer to them and you wake up its interest, when one decides to begin a profession begins with a learning, do it little not knowing or anything, but they know that they deberan to instruct itself sometimes during the time that makes lack, during all their life. As which they serve all the tools to you that make your available if you do not learn to use them? You think that in one week or two already sabras to use them perfectly. There is people that has been years in the Businesses online and continues learning technical and strategies new, surgeons investigating or computer science learning the new technologies, since I have said before are learnings that last all the life, because as they will have to learn the forms to desarollar our abilities would take the necessary time to us, we do not have to leave the first month, bricklayer certainly the first month of work is incapable to raise a wall, but after months of learning that task would be to him much more simple, safe. The learning stage is important so that the person decidira if it likes or if sera able to nowadays desarollar its profession or Business thanks to communication technologies, we have many ways to learn of other people that have been successful, e-books, videos etc, that are renewed constantly in the network. Our attitude is vital for our growth, so that certainly no other form to make Businesses depends as much on these factors.