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Estimular the professors stop to implant the EA of form to interdisciplinar. Zelar and to expand the knowledge of the pupils. To awake in the pupils the interest for ME and its importance in our lives. Oportunizar half so that the pupils develop a critical thought and construction of strategies directed toward the preservation and support. 4. LITERATURE REVISION the interest for the elaboration of this research appeared from the direct relation of the researcher with the boarded subject.

I have Full Licenciatura in Pedagogia and After-graduation in Pedagogia in the Company, I am teacher regent of initial series of the EF of the Municipal Net of Education of Curitiba, which oportunizou already me to inside work with projects come back toward the EA of the program School & University. To this it made possible me performance to investigate in the daily pertaining to school errors and rightnesss as for the EA. In the workmanship of Forquin, the author argues the relation between education and culture, standing out that one of the problems that bother the educators if it arrests to the fact of not knowing more what truily it deserves to be taught. In the conception of the author, ' ' it is necessary to recognize that, if all education is always education of somebody for somebody, it always assumes also, necessarily, the communication, the transmission, the acquisition of some thing: knowledge, abilities, beliefs, habits, values that constitute what it is called &#039 necessarily; ' content of educao' ' , and still it approaches that, ' ' the school does not have to perhaps transmit seno values, but it must yourself be recognized that it is still what it knows to better make, what the society tolerates better that it makes, and nobody makes better of what it, despite other canals and other nets for other types of transmisses&#039 can very imagine well; '.


The Area

This occurs because caules of the turnip and the nabia is harvested together with the wheat and finishes for emperrar part of the equipment in the interior of the colheitadeiras, what it causes loss of time and, eventually, of resources directed to the concert of the equipment. Ademais, such species serve of green seasoning not only to the culture to be in benefited thesis, but also to other invading species that starts to infest the area (DENARDIN et al, 2010). In some few occasions were observed, however, the occurrence of invasions of vegetal species without the interference human being. A case that illustrates this fact has relation with the gigantic volcanic explosion that in 1883 esterilizou the island of Cracatoa completely, in Indonesia. In that place the life was completely extinct. Nine months after the explosion everything what it was obtained to observe in Cracatoa was the existence of a type of solitary spider that persistently weaveeed teias in attempt to capture inexistent canine tooth. However, less than 50 years after the explosion the island again was covered by dense forest, consisting of new trees and low transport, beyond a great amount of animals, also caramujos, rats and lagartixas. It was arrived the conclusion that the light seeds of grassy had been carried the island for the wind.

The coconuts, in turn, had been taken by the sea. Plants as the figueiras and mamoeiros had certainly had its seeds carried the island in the digestive pipes of some birds (FARB, 1982). Another area affected for the foreign vegetable invasion is Nairbi, in the Kenya. Particularly in that region the invasion of the native flora for species proceeding from other areas threat not only biodiversity as well as the sustenance of human beings and animal. This occurs because some native fruitful species of the Kenya are slowly losing the fight with other vegetables for the survival.


An car, a Citron C2 has behind about one year vendi the gasoline, and since then I have walked to write an article on my experience in the sales of the car. The first thing that I made was to identify possible purchasers of used cars. Basically we can look for to vender the car to a particular one or one stand of used automobiles. As I found that a particular one could obtain one better price vendendo it, was for there that I started. I placed announcements in a series of classified websites of, some gratuitous and other paid ones, some specific for the sales of used cars and others of general scope. Before placing the announcements I had the same that to define the price that went to ask for the car and to make this I looked for announcements of equal cars to mine, of year and more or less with the same kilometrage. I also appealed to a service that I found online where indicating the mark, model, version and year of the car us a estimate of its commercial value is given. I defined a price in accordance with what the market of used was to ask for the car but already wise person who the fact of I to be a particular one and not to be able to offer to guarantee mechanics went to be a disadvantage for me and that probably it would go to have that to go down the price to obtain to vender the car.

The weeks had passed, went receiving some contacts and some offers but nothing from serious. Also some of the offers that I received we can say that they were sufficiently naive, were people who were simply to try its luck. I went for foreigner briefly (and this age the reason because he was to vender the car), therefore I gradually started to lower the price of the car, and with the price decreases they went increasing the number of contact and the seriousness of these contacts.