Civil Guard

The news that the strong descent that Solaria has had in recent weeks has been caused by a few false rumors disseminated by 3 hedge fund appeared in several media. According to this version 3 funds were short in Solaria. I.e., they had sold shares to credit waiting for the share price to fall and be able to repurchase those shares at prices lower, obtaining a benefit for that reason (legal and legitimate). The problem is that the day that Solaria presented its results for the financial year 2007 these proved to be spectacularly good, making it very likely that the share price go up significantly rather than lower as they hoped these 3 hedge fund. Andreessen Horowitz is likely to agree. If the quote had a strong upward 3 hedge fund would have a heavy loss, having to repurchase the shares that had been previously sold (without ternerlas in his power) at much higher prices.

According to the media that have published this news what did hedge fund, instead of accepting the loss, was spreading false rumors relating newly published accounts were false and the company had serious financial problems. From these media asked the CNMV to open an investigation to determine if these facts are true or not and impose appropriate sanctions where appropriate. In my opinion the CNMV is for other things. (As opposed to Ben Horowitz). This case should be investigated so the ordinary courts and the police or the Civil Guard. In case of being true responsible for spreading this false rumor not only should restore money to shareholders who have been affected to sell their shares, but pay very considerable compensation and, above all, go to jail. Because we are not talking about committing an irregularity, but a crime.

Don Juan Carlos

Jimenez has expressed the readiness of the Department of State of making progress in this field and has reported that the technical teams that have worked in Spain are very satisfied of the support received. Agenda tight in addition to his meeting with Jimenez, Secretary of State of USA, Hillary Clinton, meets Saturday in Madrid with the King, in the first public act of Don Juan Carlos since he was operated right knee last June 3, and with the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Clinton, who arrived Friday evening in Madrid, held this Saturday a busy round of meetings, after the agenda of the first part of his visit was private. Additional information is available at Keith McLoughlin . The following meetings of Clinton were at 1100 hours at the Palace of la Moncloa with the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez j Zapatero, and at 12.30, with the King, in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. Before returning to Washington, Clinton has also held a meeting with the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy.

Meeting with Rajoy Rajoy has transmitted to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the necessity of which Spain following undertaken substantial reforms so that the country can which are now their priorities, economic recovery and the creation of jobs. Rajoy and Clinton have been gathered at the residence of the American Ambassador in Madrid for about 35 minutes, and the event have gone responsible for European Affairs of the Department of EE UU and coordinator of Presidency and international relations of the PP, Jorge Moragas, among others. As reported by the latter, the interview has been developed in a climate of cordiality and coincidence in which are the main themes that make up the Spain-United States bilateral relationship. After thanking the interest of Clinton that the meeting took place, Rajoy, in the words of his j’s Cabinet, has explained that the challenge for Spain at the moment is economic recovery and the generation of employment, and for this reason the reforms play a fundamental role. Clinton requested this meeting to learn about the vision of the main opposition party in foreign policy at the prospect that the PP comes to the Government in the coming months. First visit as Secretary of State Clinton’s visit is the first which makes to Madrid in the two and a half years which bears the head of American diplomacy. The previous time that he was in Spain was in condition of wife of the former President of EE UU Bill Clinton in 1997, during a trip that was also to Palma de Mallorca, invited by the Kings, and Granada. Source of the news: ZP is committed to Hillary Clinton, calling for “patience” to Spain before the reforms

Earning Money

Because currently generate income on the internet is so desired and envied by people. In recent years the money by internet industry has grown immensely. Many people who feel frustrated in their jobs looking for this to try to go out and generate income passively. But in my humble opinion what makes so desirable the opportunity to earn money on the internet is the freedom that gives us move us and not having to rely on the same place, Office, or city. Even those who have their own business could not have a not so enviable position, already that if you change from city to live because they do not earn much money. Therefore I think that the internet can change our lifestyle, that we can work from anywhere that is, the only condition is that you have access to an internet connection.

Many would like to be millionaires, but I do not. People seem to ignore that to become a millionaire requires very hard work. Interviews with many billionaires reveal has departed the spine as he is colloquially said to reach its position for many years. But I think qeu We can be much more happy with less money but with more time and mobility. I or I have a mansion or a luxury sports car, I’d rather have the possibility of travelling the world and living discovering places and people. Although he doesn’t do it in luxurious places. I’d rather live modestly but with mobility.

Loi is better have a decent amount of money but count are sufficient money to spend it. 25 Years I do a fortune, around $3000 USD per month, but only work 2 hours a day and I can do it from my home, or siquiero out of it, from a coffee or any part of the world where having access to the internet. Most people believe that being a millionaire les dara the life you want, but don’t know that living a lifestyle that you can be happy does not need so much money. I prefer my current situation to someone who earns much more money but who works 80 hours per week. I think that we don’t have to look at the amount of money that we do but in the relationship of enough money and time to spend it. Work on the internet has given me the ability to do this. At the time of writing This I am in Mexicos Los and anytime I can pack and travel to the Caribbean or anywhere that it wants me, because I have freedom. But it is not easy to reach this and you need to work very diro to earn money on the internet. If you want to know how to do visit my website: how to earn money and read my article: ways to make money fast on the internet.

First Modchip

The most awaited device of recent years finally to going on sale. It’s the PSJailbreak, a modchip for ps3, which does not need any type of welding, and that will allow us to dump games console hard disk or on a hard drive external usb. Once dumps, allows us to load the game you want, without having the original in the reader. The protection of the Playstation 3 has been many years without being able to jump, being the only current console to not allowed upload backup copies of games, but thanks to PSJailbreak, this is already possible. This modchip is fully upgradeable, so it assures us that if Sony release any update for the PS3 that blocked the operation of the PSJailBreak, you could continue using the device. The loading speed of your hard disk backups, is exactly equal to the reader’s blu-ray, and not suffer any kind of slowing down at the time of play.

It is compatible with the Playstation 3 FAT, with the PS3 Slim and with all regions, USA, JAP, KOR and EUR. Unfortunately this device You can just dump to hard drive PS3 games, not dump or Blu-Ray movies or games for PS2/PS1 or audio CDs, although neither we can complain, since it is a USB modchip, that anyone, without opening the PS3, without removing or a screw, you can install it which ensures that even the most inexperienced user can make it work. Now we just need that amateur programmers begin to publish applications homebrew for the PS3 that open up possibilities with hundreds of new uses for the console.


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