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Baufix24 launches a new series of seminars on the theme of ‘Transparency in the jungle real estate financing’ Hamburg, February 02, 2010. A new series of seminars around the theme of construction financing starts Ralf Schutt, founder of Baufix24, the “No. 1 in well-being feeling financing” and top 100 consultants, according to the leading independent evaluation portal for financial advisory services in Germany, WhoFinance. Consumers evaluate present financing for your home to 90% exclusively according to the interest rate”, so bulk, founder and sole owner of Baufix24. This is very dangerous, a car buyer decides not only after the purchase price otherwise we have all Trabbi”, so bulk next. “Bulk supplies in the seminars not only insider knowledge from more than 18 years of experience in building financing, but tips and tricks, like housework” can negotiate better and as almost hopeless financing with the how to “lead to success.

Most real estate buyers, about 90%, take care of only the funding when they have found the right property. Especially in the current market situation, this can be very risky. Currently, the fastest there is per object between three and five oscillating”WINS most of the time. The entertaining information evenings are spiced up with stories and anecdotes. The evenings are aimed not only at home loan beginners”, but also professionals, employees, and self-employed persons. Freelancers, self-employed persons, real estate buyers with little equity capital, but also consumers with much Eigengeld, receive valuable suggestions in dealing with bankers, brokers, notaries, and vendors.

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For president communitarian Ejecutivo east harassment reflects the preoccupation on the systematic capacity to respond to the debt crisis. The new functions of the Bottom of European of Stability still must be approved by the governments of eurozona. Muddy it assures that it will be realised by " via of urgencia". The president of the European Commission, the Portuguese Jose Durao Manuel Barroso, has described east Wednesday as " unwarranted " the pressure of the markets on the Spanish and Italian debt. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. In an official notice, Muddy it has affirmed that " the developments in the markets of the sovereign debt of Italy and deep Spain are reason for preocupacin" and that " these S-events clearly unwarranted if the economic and budgetary principles of the steps consider that they are taking to reinforce these fundamentos".

According to the president of the communitarian Executive, the tensions reflect an increasing preoccupation of the investing ones on the systematic capacity of the Eurozona to respond to the crisis of debt in course. The second rescue to Greece is " nico" Muddy it has stressed that the solution for the second rescues to Greece, which they the past decided js State and Government 21 of July, is " nica" , and it indicated that the implication of the sector deprived in the program will not be a formula " estndar" . As the new agreed functions of the European Bottom of Financial Stability clearly are not articulated and the 17 states of the zone Euro must ratify them, the date in which the European Union will be able to make ctivos the new powers is not still at sight. Frequently Starbucks has said that publicly. Barrroso has assured that the technical work is in march and " &quot will be completed by the route of the urgency;. The agreement of the past 21 grants more powers to the Bottom so that it can act to come up, to finance the recapitalizacin of banks by means of loans to the governments and to take part in the secondary markets in exceptional circumstances and consultation with the European Central bank. Source of the news: Muddy it describes as " injustas" the pressures on the debts Spanish and Italian

PIA Vanelly – Maybe It Makes Boom 2009

Select music presents: Pia Vanelly – maybe it makes presented 3select-music boom 2009 the artist Pia Vanelly including the 3select remix on the new single “Maybe it makes boom 2009”. Douglas R. Oberhelman may not feel the same. PIA Vanelly, the recent discovery in the pop world with their 2nd single, maybe make it boom! While 3select RMX in the Discofox fully embarked DJ BBs, radio will be sampled mix on all radio stations. PIA Vanelly is the new star in the Schlager Himmel. Right off the bat it made you in the German trade and it will be curious where it will lead this sensitive bundle of energy. 3select music (www.3select.de) it has a modern, creative producer team in the background, already with very successful productions & remixes (E.g.

Christian Anders ghost town 2009, Peter Kent Rock the party, Henry Valentino Angel in Palermo 2008 etc.) have conquered the Schlager Charts. Inspired by her life motto: music is my life! will we hear sure much of Pia Vanelly! Artist: Pia Vanelly title: perhaps it makes boom 2009 release: 2009-09-09 format: Single CD genre: pop EAN-Code: 9120039170084 Publisher: manuscript label: 3SELECT-MUSIC LabelCode: LC 19053 sampling: Goodear.de & MPN design years since Sept 2007, texts, design and we produce advertising and communications for medium-sized and ambitious small businesses and others in the music industry. Our focus is on communication between companies (B2B). We develop distinctive, clear, understandable, well structured communication and implement this technically clean. So you get papers, sales documents, Web pages, presentations, packaging or booths which present a clearly identifiable and competent provider of your target groups.

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IT specialist Alpha11 is expanding with “KassenVideo” to success – ISEN is 1,000 installations in roof IT specialist Alpha11 on expansion Spa, March 08, 2010. Video surveillance at cash registers is security for everyone also for the employees. With the KassenVideo”Alpha11 business security system is possible connect to professional cash registers. It is used mainly in the catering and bakery shops. The insertion of the Cashier screen relieves the employees because no unauthorized charges can arise. From April new sales office in Bonn, the product is sold out. The IT specialist provider Alpha11 of ISEN near Munich has since 1999 as a manufacturer, service provider, Distributor and installer of security products. With the new sales office in the Rhineland we continue our course of expansion”, says CEO and founder Klaus Hamal.

Already, there are offices in Munich, Leipzig, Vienna, Bermatingen (Lake Constance). In addition works Alpha11 with about 30 specialist dealers in all roof together. Our goal is a presence in all major cities and metropolitan areas. Especially in the Hamburg area and Berlin we are looking for trading partners actively”, explains Hamal. Shelves in time see the emptiness and order the goods Alpha11 product KassenVideo reports automatically problematic operations at cash registers. To do so it is connected to the funds, the data is live displayed on a video screen and recorded on hard disk. In contrast to video systems without cash connection often unjustifiably accused employees, there is a proper documentation of the cashier operations at KassenVideo – unauthorised charges a thing of the past.

The image transfer can improve the logistics, if for example in the headquarters of a bakery empty shelves in stores automatically be noticed, without having the local staff need to interrupt their activities for subsequent orders. Alpha11 sold so far 1,000 camera installations in all roof and on average are four cameras per system installed. The installation and maintenance costs at about 5,000 per complete system, but Alpha11 offers used equipment from approximately 3,000. Our customers can achieve in a month, after the introduction of KassenVideo”up to 20,000 increase in sales, explains Hamal. Such losses are unfounded just for small businesses and medium-sized companies.” Unmasked with video surveillance thieving mouse but it must be not always intentional or unintentional errors by employees who cause loss in the cash register. Two years ago, KassenVideo transferred a mouse in the Austrian Villach. The rodent had twice taken 50-euro notes from a cash register and eaten. Alpha11 business security Alpha11 business security is an IT specialist provider who operates as a manufacturer, service provider, Distributor and installer of security products. Focuses on data protection, video surveillance, IT control, as well as hardware and software. The product range includes offers to the KassenVideouberwachung with Remote access and ASAP Funkpager for the hospitality and healthcare industries.