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The beginning of Prevention and the Precaution, where the certainty or the unfamiliarity how much to the generated ambient impacts they infer values of not use to the natural resources, affecting the cost of the corporative operations. The beginning of the Paying Polluting agent it attributes to the polluting agent the responsibility of the compensation for the actual damage. In other words, these principles infer to the corporations the costs related with not the use of the environment and to the repairing of the ambient damage. It fits to point out that before the repairing, these principles mainly objectify to prevent the ambient damage. For ANGUITA & WAGNER (2010) the word value has many meanings. ANGUITA & WAGNER (2010 L. 319-20) Apud.

BROWN (1984 defines) it as ' ' a lasting one and conception preferable that it influences a choice ao' ' free translation. The author clarifies that the preferable term is used to define a choice of something for an individual in relation to a notion of improvement, or a classification between optimum and worse. The author still places that two relative preferential forms of value exist: a functional or mathematical value; a related functional value. The related functional value mentions a biological or physical relation to it of an entity not human being for another one, for example, the value of nitrogen for the maize production, and clarifies, still, that the determination of these functional values fits to the studies of Applied Sciences, given its complexity. The above-mentioned author also illustrates that from a economic perspective, the value can be understood as a relative importance, or value of an object for an individual or group of individuals in one determined context. This value is measured or determined regarding to preconceived values, and its preferences associates, that is, the relation of the perception on the object in comparison with all the other considered objects excellent, taking itself in account, still, the context where this evaluation if carries through.

Google Business Photos

New Google Maps service for your company – Google business photos since the end of May is also available in Germany-the Google Maps service “Google business photos”. Filed under: Kevin Johnson. Google business given the opportunity virtually to explore a company from the distance photos. Google business works photos to Google Street view. A participating contractor photo tour of high quality through the premises of his company offers its prospective customers a virtual 360. The virtual tour is visible in the Google search results, Google maps and Google + local, to give customers an idea of the spatial design, Setup, and the ambience of your company. The tour can easily embed themselves in your own company website and social media to reach more potential customers. Benefits of Google business photos with professional images of your company values your business listing on.

You invite visitors to take a virtual tour through your company and provide them with an authentic experience. Seasonal shots are a great Ability to show actual pictures and innovations in your company. The images appear in the Google search results available in Google maps and Google + local good visible placement on your Google + page easy integration in your website link to share in social networks, blogs, emails, etc. Effective online marketing from a company, the Google services are indispensable! Google market share is 90.3% stand July 2013! Photos include Google + and Google business therefore in the future as a central building block in every marketing plan, which should lead to the success of a company.

United States

New explorations on land and offshore will be carried out, new refineries will be installed and will produce, and staff will be trained, but the structural change of energy demand is so strong, that the ability of the industry likely to keep the levels of supplies reduced for years to come. For example, today China, 1,000 inhabitants, 10 of them possess truck; in India, 12 for every 1,000. The world average is 111 per 1,000 inhabitants, and in United States, 760 per every 1,000. Learn more about this with Andreessen Horowitz. A modest increase in China and India to levels global average tenure of vehicles would have a major impact on demand from petroleum and derivatives. Not the slightest doubt, that analysis shows aspects that deserve pastar him attention, such as manifests itself such as the demand for oil and its impact in relation to the offer, in addition to other factors cited, where power increasingly more is used in the manufacture of transformers articles, foods, fertilizers, raw materials for production demanding a high oil consumption for its use, forcing producer countries to draw up strategic plans that guarantee its offer and avoid that demand influences prices ever rising particularly these last few years that it has already expressed symptoms, warning signs of what may happen in relation to the marketing of oil and the negative consequences that this can be derived. Us adds addition Garcia in his analysis, which some analysts think that, faced with higher prices, the variable price will serve for destroy demand.

There are some signs of reduction of gasoline consumption in the United States, as a consequence of prices above $4.00 a gallon. Another factor that could produce very high oil and derivative prices is encouraging the development of alternative energies, which face high prices of crude oil would be economically viable. Solar and wind energy, liquid coal, hydrogen, biodiesel and nuclear energy would be alternative energy sources. Some major multinational oil companies are already seriously evaluating the development of nuclear energy as a way to position itself in the future as integrated energy companies, faced with a reality of the decline in its oil reserves and the increasingly difficult and costly that it represents to extract a barrel of oil. * Source: (el-carabobeno.com) original author and source of the article.