Creativity asked: the Schokoschaumkuss needs a new name, many will remember end of 2012 at the Schokoschaumkuss debate. Like landabwarts, the popular candy and you name touching from colonial times Landaufwarts heated tempers of the Republic. Now follows the creative initiative on the political whirl: Germany’s extensive and connoisseurs are invited to put an end to the months of lack of name. Filed under: Jim Umpleby. From the 3rd to the 8th of December 2013 that takes chocolART international chocolate Festival in Tubingen for the eighth time”instead. 2012, over 250,000 visitors followed the broad range of cocoa-containing temptations in the picturesque old town on the river Neckar. During this time, Tubingen is located in the aesthetic State of emergency, the City turns into a playful charming sphere of unexpected enjoyment experiences and illuminierender surprises. This gustatory large-scale event devoted to it is the said Schokoschaumkussen delicious gems Art. Conjured up by the Ellmendinger pastry chef Johannes Becker, the luftig-chocolaty delights meet the highest standards of taste. And of course, the cocoa used in the Schokouberzug is fair traded Tubingen as a fair trade town”stands for enjoyment, no problems! Everything still lacks the delicacy, is a new name, under which she can freely spread pleasure and joy. “You’re asking: now the possibility is experience by post, fax or email with a name suggestion to the Agency of Tubingen for all tastes from 0 to 99 years,” to use. A matter of honor that we will spoil the palates of the submitter of the ten best proposals after stroke and thread: a year subscription of tantalizing chocolates, a sophisticated composed Schokomenu for two people during the chocolART, lots of Schokoschaumkusse, and and you’ll be surprised.