ADNOVUMServices/gwp: Binding Letter Of Intent About 250 Megawatts Wind Energy

Developers of wind turbines get “Acceptance guarantee”; Cypriot Pentsolar would like to get clear Berlin in the Polish market, 12.12.2012. The wind energy sector in Poland gets tailwind. Because their Government has decided the significant expansion of renewable energies. This benefits the project developer of gwp German wind power, currently alone pushing forward a potential of about 600 megawatts (MW) and with partners via another 270 MW. Poland offers similarly good conditions such as Germany for wind energy operators – what affects the wind sites -.

The feed-in tariffs are however. A further advantage over Germany: So far fewer sites are accessible in Poland with 3,000 MW compared to 21,000 MW production in Germany than in this country. The wind turbines to the grid, go enjoy mostly the advantage of much better to be involved in the infrastructure. Reasons enough for international investors, to engage in this business field. For this reason, is now also the Cypriot Pentsolar entered into a binding agreement with the German ADNOVUMServices GmbH, whereby a potential 250 MW would like to assume that if the projects have reached the ready (ready to build/RTB). ADNOVUMServices is among the marketers and financiers of the locations of the wind power project developer gwp German wind power and offers a variety of investor models.

Pentsolar itself is one of the 400 largest companies in Russia, who established on the technical development and the energy associated with the Group Ruselprom. The company was founded in 1991 has focused among other things on the electrical engineering and received the national business award 2010 as the most innovative and leading company in the country. Now to cut out feelers towards renewable energy and provides best opportunities here in Poland. “We are pleased about this development, because offers of course a de facto acceptance guarantee of our projects for our investors and a good condition, the business successfully operate us to” can,”says Marc huts, Managing Director of ADNOVUMServices GmbH. With 300 MW of electricity by wind energy Pentsolar would rise from the State to the leading operators in Poland. For more information,