Alternatives To High Parking Fees At The Airport Terminal

Trend from Great Britain allows saving potential of up to 70prozent compared to the official airport parking rates Munich, February 23, 2010 – the advance booking airport parking potential large savings for tourists. By the same author: Howard Schultz. 42% of passengers arrive according to a study of by car Munich Airport Munich Airport society. Parked is usually directly on the airport grounds often to very high parking fees. On the ten German airports with the highest passenger volume, the average rate for two weeks parking is currently at 105 euros. There are also alternatives for passengers arriving by car: many parking providers near the airport allow a saving of up to 70% compared to the official airport rates. The parking of the transfer to the airport are usually a few kilometres away from the airport, and is included in the offer.

This airport parking provider among other things on the Internet via search engines such as Google can be found. More and more Tourists interested in the cheap alternatives to the expensive terminal parking. To reach the search queries on the subject of airport parking”on Google each month a volume of nearly 150,000 requests. “” “The word combination parking airport” is it most commonly entered, followed by parking airport “and parking at the airport”. If one takes into account the individual sites, the Park theme Burns apparently most under the nails in Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf. The search worthwhile: provides, for example, Europe at 20 airports cheap airport parking. The offers are transfer already from 32,-for eight days parking included available. The parking space is guaranteed by an advance booking, finding of a parking space at the airport is required.

Nationwide currently the Munich Airport has the edge, what is private parking operators. Well twenty of them are there competing for the favor of tourists and business travellers. Also the Frankfurt airport there are around a dozen various quotes from this specific segment. In other German cities, such provider, however, still largely on one hand are to be counted. In other European countries, for example, at the London airports, a veritable boom in turn should be noted, which is not rip off well in the coming years. In the United Kingdom currently around 60 to 70 be booked per cent of all airport parking in advance, here in Germany, however, only around seven percent.