Andrew Nuremberg

It's no secret that publishing a book is difficult. The formula for success in any particular case depends not only on skill and experience of the author, but also from his business skills. This is because a significant number of forces and money spent on it to submit my book to publishers, to prove the necessity of its publication, and so on. However, the process of publishing are not limited to the interaction of the author and publisher. On publishing market, there is a third party, called service organizations. In the scope of their professional interests include helping, as publishers and authors. Examples of these organizations include literary agents, promo-sites, sub-agents, etc.

In recent years, their activity increased noticeably. This article provides an overview of market intermediaries copyright Russia. So, to whom you have to go in order to publish the book. Firstly, possible to use the services of literary agents. You must make contact with any of them, and to his book. If your work seems interesting, it is likely that the agent will present it to the publisher. Not Remember that agents need some information from you. By sending a letter, do not forget to attach abstract of the book, a brief biography and a small piece of text.

All this is necessary in order to evaluate you as potential author. In the course of their own searches failed to detect the following agents: (), (agency Andrew Nuremberg), (E. Baryakina),. ru (A. ), (rights and translations), (Synopsis).