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In terms of gas and power, OMV has sold in 2011 in about 24 billion m gas m. OMV operates a 2,000 km long in Austria Gas pipeline system with a marketed capacity of about 101 billion cubic m in 2011. The Central European gas hub is one of approximately 40 billion m m annual trading volume the most important gas hubs of in continental Europe. Official site: JPMorgan Chase. With a share of 97% stake in petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s premier company in the gas stations and customer business, OMV has further strengthened its position. Sustainability the OMV has the UN Global Compact signed and actively promotes the values to which she committed to in their code of conduct. She assumes responsibility for people and the environment, especially in socially and economically sensitive areas.

OMV sets continuously steps, to the economic, to take into account environmental and social dimension in their business actions responsibly. The company regularly reports on its activities in a sustainability report, which will appear together with the annual report, and focused reporting of this internationally recognized reporting standards global initiative (GRI). FALSTAFF is Falstaff Austria’s most important gourmet brand in the publishing industry. What started 30 years ago with the first edition of Falstaff magazine, enjoying wine, food, travel today presents itself, among the editors of Angelika and Wolfgang Rosam, as a complex and modern world of brands around the themes. The Falstaff magazine Austria with 160,000 readers (oAK, CAWI 2011) is at the Centre of the brand and in the year Falstaff flanked junior, the Falstaff Gourmet Club eight editions of the wine and restaurant guides, the Salzburg Festival’s Edition, the Special Edition, with its 17,000 members, as well as the numerous events of Falstaff. Free Falstaff app offers a spontaneous restaurant search and the possibility of direct voting for the restaurant guide. Also on the Web is Falstaff with daily news at represented, and has one of the strongest fan sites of all wine and gourmet media with more than 7,000 Facebook contacts in the German-speaking countries. Speaking of which, since September 2010, the magazine also in Germany with an own issue is represented.