Antique Road Trip

A very funny and interesting peculiarity possessing the popular games to find hidden objects is great variation in the form of game and the topics covering, allowing a variety of stories with a wide range of characters. Such is the case of the Antique Road Trip 2 game: Homecoming, one of so many find hidden objects games featuring a variation in plot to achieve a very specific niche. It occurs as a continuation of the first version of this saga of finding hidden objects in this game. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andreessen Horowitz. The protagonists have traveled throughout United States and decide to return home to mount a new antique shop, for this should find the ideal location and restore it so the player is best, for this must help them and start to pick up certain objects that may be useful for shop. In a general sense this game is very similar to the previous one, with the difference that this time loving players are at home and the search is focused on the surroundings. If you’re an inveterate fan of games free this by the factor of the collector will be the ideal choice for you. It will allow you to awaken the spirit of search and curiosity that both beats these games fans.