Approvedindex makes acceptable mediation of qualified customer contacts in the United States is providing hot leads\”in the Internet marketing activities. According to IDC, the lead generation market will grow until the year 2012 to $5.9 billion in the United States alone – despite shrinking marketing budgets. Measurable marketing activities are particularly sought after in times of crisis, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, also in Germany. The generation of customer contacts is no marketing reinvention. The matching customers with genuine buying interest in the Internet without acquiring losses already.

For companies much harder prospect to win it, to keep existing customers is in principle. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. While small and medium-sized providers underestimate the effect of the Internet as a new source of customer and sales multiplier often\”justified Mario coal, co-founder of and online-marketing expert, this development. When you consider that 87.5% of all Internet users in search engines or Web directories for products Search, allows just the online lead marketing participation in the market of the future Internet without high initial investments. Measurability and cost control prevail over branding and image advertising. In the homeland of America lead marketing, the method is commonplace for years. By the crisis as catalyst, targeted acquisition with direct return on marketing investment effect is now increasingly applied in Europe. Online brokers such as in the United States, the British firm or in France are established online platforms that have made the concept of lead marketing for a long time its business model. They act as an intermediary between vendors and buyers.

Also in Germany, agencies and online platforms now recognize the potential of this marketing tool. But brokers in the publication often differ in quality and quantity, because a contact is not automatically also buying interest. : Man differentiated so lead forms between two different methods the placement of a qualified lead is previously check whether there is an actual buying interest.