Articles Of Workplan

Articles of workplan and , article about the software WorkPLAN, Sescoi, I recruiter would like to give me tips for improvement. The objective of the topic, in my view, should be to provide interesting information recruitment to the wider community of users of this product, many of them located in recruiting Spain. I think we should not simply copy promotional data, since these are already available on the homepages of Sescoi. Have information that can be interesting and not on the official website of the product. Check the list below, and tell me which you find interesting, or which would add: 1) History of different versions of the product 2) names that had formerly product 3) Figures for number of clients and users 4) programming language that has There used to develop it in some article of wikipedia software product that we can use as models One that looks interesting is the following: Regarding the article Company Sescoi, I have been guided by that recruiting which already exists in the French wikipedia.I would also like to give me tips for improvement. Can you give examples of articles about other companies, and can be a good model One that looks interesting job search is to know WorkPLAN SAP AG Although for many years, I am new to wikipedia, so agrader all your help! Jordiferrer (Talk) sales jobs 10:18 19 Oct 2009 (UTC)