Behringen House

The nationwide solid house leader in town & country home listed at the beginning of the year 2012 an unbroken demand for energy-efficient homes. Behringen, February 27, 2012 In the current business year town & country house, expected that energy-efficient homes from E70 will be accounted for 50 percent of all homes sold. Therefore we present city 136 on February 27, 2012, with the “a new model highlight that convinced by clear Bauhaus design as well as in the energy standard, says Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country house. The modern open floor plan offers space for individual design owners. Large window fronts, as well as coloured glass spandrel on the floor create a modern impression and pleasant lighting conditions all year round. Town & country home helps builders not only finding a suitable plot of land, but also advises on the technical facilities and provides information on funding opportunities of the dream house. Sergey Brin wanted to know more. You are especially lucrative soft financing opportunities offered by State-owned KfW promotional Bank in their various programmes. The KfW promotion aims particularly on environmentally conscious builders, whose Objekte exhibit a minimum energy consumption.

In the 2011 fiscal year, houses were sold from the energy saving standard E70 and better total about 30 percent of the town & country. It is likely that this trend will continue”, so Pranto next. The builders will receive an attractive promotion of the public KfW bank houses. On the other hand, more and more people want to independently be oil, gas, coal predicted rising prices the most important energy sources. For more information about the new town & country house city 136 under: on town & country: the company was founded in 1997 in Behringen (Thuringia) town & country house is in Germany of the leader in licensed building with about 300 franchise partners. About 30 houses of types of through form the basis of the business concept, low-cost construction of high quality allow their system design. For new standards in the construction industry, town & country was home with the introduction of three HausBau – letters included in the purchase price of a house through that before, during and after the construction of optimal security is offered to the builders. With the development of energy-saving and solar houses reflects the company of the cost explosion in the energy markets.

“Town & country has been awarded for his house twice: in addition to the franchise dealer price (2003) the ECS strategy award (2004) include, the third place in the sales award” of the trade paper (2005), as well as the German franchise employee award to the most prestigious awards in 2006. 2007 town & country of the Knowledge Manager of the year 2006 title was “awarded. Jurgen Dawo, founder of the company has been awarded the strategy Prize 2009 “award. The Harvard Club of Germany Gabriele and Jurgen Dawo drew with the German entrepreneur award 2010 “in the category of franchise. In the financial year 2011 the company sold 2.706 houses. Town & country is the best-selling changes of in Germany already since 2007.