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The concept of sustainability in times of climate change understand the concept of sustainability more frequently and louder is to hear of resource scarcity and the global poverty increase. But what is actually meant by sustainability? How and with what instruments can a sustainable concept be successfully implemented? “The practical textbook sustainability” by Dr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby. Iris Pufe is familiar with all relevant concepts, elements, and fields and indicating that a dispute with the subject of sustainability is essential. The book serves as a compact entry-level and overview work students and practitioners. Based concrete priorities and areas of application are presented on a historical derivation of the concept. The complexity, complexity and the wide range of sustainability is expressed by the consideration of economic, environmental and social aspects. In addition to practical examples and numerous illustrations, the book contains important references to documents that are directly accessible with a QR code. The author: Dr.

Iris Among others, Pufe taught at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Munich. As communication and sustainability consultant it helps corporations, NPOs/NGOs and authorities for over ten years, the development and implementation of sustainability and CSR strategies. Since 2010 she is on the Advisory Board of the German Environment Foundation and since 2011 the jury of Green Brands.