Brewery Association North Rhine-Westphalia On The HOGATEC

From ‘Bierstackeln’, power take-off technique and taste explosions, beer takes home. And therefore 2012 three breweries on the joint stand of the brewery Association NRW presented the experts within the framework of the HOGATEC. How versatile is beer, could on the four days of the fair in Essen live and work over the shoulder look Biersommeliers. In this way, the visitors received an overview of the surprising variety of beer in North Rhine-Westphalia. What is Bierstackeln?” How do I zapfe a tasty beer? “And how do I together cheese and beer?” On all these questions, the brewery Association NRW knew an answer. Potts the visitors with the versatility of beer were confronted with the private brewery Moritz Fiege from Bochum, the private brewery Stauder from food and the brewery in the Munsterland Oelde. So, Biersommelier Rainer Diekmann put a red-hot iron rod in the fresh draught beer. In this way, the residual sugar left in the beer is caramelized.

The so-gestackelte”beer gets a whole new flavour Variant. To the taste was also at the Beersommelier when he combined dark chocolate and savoury cheese with beer. In this way, beer also becomes the perfect companion for food. Axel and Thomas Stauder showed visitors how to perfectly tapped a PILS. In addition, the experts provided important information for power take-off technique and care of beer. This was a completely successful appearance”, so the summary by Jurgen Witt. The Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW from the significant overall appearance of his Association in cooperation with the four partners breweries was completely done. We came during the four days of the trade fair with many visitors in the conversation. The quality of conversations has exceeded our expectations.”