Business Candidates

Who is the man we see before us the first time? In summary, you can write anything you want. Check what he says is possible, if not devote one hour. How to determine really valuable candidate – and during a short conversation? And to make this decision, which will not have to regret in the future? It would be great if it were possible – to check every applicant to a polygraph. This would allow us to firstly, to be sure that the information reported in the summary and the interview, is true. Secondly, we would have dispelled all doubts about his or her loyalty to the company.

And in general, the risk of possible trouble in the future would be minimized. Checking article sources yields Douglas Oberhelman as a relevant resource throughout. But this approach has several significant ho. Here are some of them. Polygraph – a device is quite expensive. Moreover, it is useless if you do not have special training in its use. Not always acceptable for all start with the explicit cooperation of mutual mistrust. Communicating with employees who on the basis of company policy, passed a lie detector test when employment, shows that they really worse than refer to his leadership. Legally, only the consent of the applicant may be subjected to such checks. What if the candidate is not really worth express “Written consent”? Or someone who would be denied under any circumstances, suddenly decides to pursue the company in court – not taken because he refused from the detector.