Business. Is There A Way Out Of Crisis ?

The economic crisis in our country, as well as around the world, continues. It affects all sectors of the economy. The commentary and forecasts look difficult: some experts say the crisis is over, others he just begins. But the fact remains – it is. Currently, financial institutions virtually stopped lending to business. Lack of liquidity in the market is still present. Not many partners to meet their financial obligations. Not enough money for working capital.

However, with the company's management no one takes social responsibility to pay wages, contributions to the conduct state funds. Often, items such as office rent, depreciation, taxes are also becoming very burdensome. Expect the same account but on their strength. In these circumstances, LLC "Innovative Technologies Inc." offers businesses one of the outputs, which will not only help keep the business, support specialists, but also give the opportunity to expand their business. Most companies do not participate in public procurement for many reasons: lack of experience and adequate knowledge in the field of public procurement, fear, lack of technical equipment, etc. In addition, participation in the public order, involves a large amount of paperwork, the development office. And finally, the main reason for low participation in public procurement – are spent both human and material resources, but because not a professional approach – a negative result. What are the difficulties for small and medium enterprises with the participation in public procurement? First of all, it's very often, changing the legislative framework of procurement. Even experts are sometimes difficult to keep up with developments in this area.