Christian Breidenbach

For the messebausiehr Motorsports team of Lindlar the signs were very positive. A summer weekend, with 40 teams and 160 riders a record field. Tension over the entire 12 hours and no accidents. That sounds like a perfect season for the GTC Endurance Championship. For the messebausiehr Motorsports team of Lindlar the sign were also very positive. The foundation stone was placed on the Friday before. A new engine was driven by Christian Breidenbach and then set up work done by Florian Boxberg.

The times made with hope among the top ten mix. “To make this a good figure that was in the evening Kart, what goes by the name of Sally” adapted to the CI of the team. On Saturday morning, the third driver and VLN Andreas Patzelt team joined professional. The season opener was that had team three deny messebausiehr Motorsport, because with a rib contusion hurt cancel Patrick Labusch and could worry only about the technology. In the first qualifying heat, Florian Boxberg with the 7th overall confirmed the good Performance of the team. In the second heat of Qulifying may participate the best 20 teams, Andreas Patzelt was gas properly. In 6th place and within striking distance of the top you found himself after the time has elapsed, but unfortunately only up to the scale. The measurement revealed an underweight, what was tantamount to the abolition of all time.

To seat 20 for messebausiehr Motorsport was clear. Like last year, Florian Boxberg took over the helm at the start. The starting position assembled at a long distance race of course no good finishing position, to start in the middle of the field, but mean a significantly higher risk of accidents. In the first round, there was only one direction, messebausiehr Motorsports did a good a place after another, until the Aufholjagdt interrupted a screwdriver into the hairpin.