Clinical Licensing

cum, with; versare, to give returns; ‘ ‘ to give to returns com’ ‘ soon we send to the importance of listening as it saw the understanding and I assist of that it looks the psychological clinic. In this direction it is of utmost importance to understand, not only clinical listening, as well as, the act to listen in its ampler direction, so that if it can delineate the paper and the place of who listening. 1.1Escuta According to Aurlio Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, the word listening comes of Latin escutare, that it means: ‘ ‘ to become or to be intent to hear; to give ears; to apply the ear with attention to perceive or ouvir’ ‘ (AURLIO, 1986, p.693). Please visit Douglas Oberhelman if you seek more information. It is important to perceive in this direction that the attitude of who if places in the listener position is active, that it is not as a mere spectator, receiver of information. It is who is intent; come back to hear what the other brings of life experience, of its existence. The attitude of listening cannot be confused> would be human to adoecer this not to be able to acquire knowledge and reverse speed-to mean its experiences. Here, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Bible already says in them of this transforming action of hearing, of listening the other. In the book of Former the 3, 7-8, God says: ‘ ‘ I very saw well the misery of my people who is in Egypt.

I heard its outcry against its oppressors, and know its sufferings. Therefore I went down to free it of the power of the Egyptians and to make it to go up of this land for a fertile land ‘ ‘ to present itself, of the opposite, it will be not to happen, of depriving themselves, the impossibility; of not transforming. jameison-pfizer-natures-bounty-t/’>Nature’s Bounty has to say. It says ' ' Moiss insisted with Jave: ' ' Mine Sir, I do not have easiness to speak, nor yesterday, nor I anteontem, nor later that you spoke to your servant, my mouth and my language is pesadas' '.