Cooperative Association

VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen is ‘Bank of the year’ in the category fitness check Web 1.0 clients and Member proximity, presence on site and a comprehensive financial advisory services, these features characterize all co-operative banks in Germany. Which the credit institutions is particularly outstanding values here? The initiative Bank of the year 2012 “now identified the best among the participating Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken of the cooperative association. They had inspected 2012 through a comprehensive benchmark analysis of cooperative regional associations and of the BVR accomplishments over the course of the entire year. The Bank has been on five different categories of members – and customer satisfaction, successful customer relationship and Member growth, Member rate, Internet. For more information see actress. Recently found the Bank of the year award ceremony “took place in front of 200 guests in Berlin. On regional and federal level could the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen the 1 p in the category achieve fitness check Web 1.0.

Klaus Bellmann, Member of the Board of competent Cooperative Association e.V., handed over the award: from the perspective of our members and customers the number one in the market to be on this claim, all activities of the cooperative financial group, align themselves. I congratulate the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen, especially their committed staff and employees, to the 1st place in the category fitness check Web 1.0. “The reached peak is not only an incentive for the entire team of the VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen, but is exemplary and motivating for all actors in our co-operative organization.” With great joy, Andreas Court, Chairman of the Board, and the marketing team of the people’s Republic accepted the price by Bank main Kinzig Budingen.