Day Spa At Home

Dear ladies, I'm sure many of us dream of visiting a spa. But do not always have the opportunity and time. I myself have never been in such institutions, although very desirable. Stumbling on an article about the spa, I thought, and why No … In this article, I suggest you arrange SPA DAY at his home. Electrolux may also support this cause. Go to a spa day to prepare in advance. For example, select the appropriate day, sleep well and do not forget that the main thing here – the atmosphere of what is happening: relaxed music (such as the surf accompanied by light music, or singing birds), the lighting, which must be subdued, pleasant and invigorating scents, scented candles and, of course, a complete renunciation of all the current problems. That is why the spa resorts are not allowed to use your mobile phone, watch TV and read newspapers.

Decide immediately what you want to start with a nice bath, exfoliation, body wraps and facial masks. There is no order of importance, as a result. Set to relaxing music and light aroma lamp. Learn more at: Douglas Oberhelman. Essential oils promote production of endorphins and improves mood. Suitable for relaxation of lavender, orange, mandarin and sandalwood. GOOD BATH. They say that There hygiene shower and bath – to relax, recharge energy, rejuvenation and healing the body.

I agree with this statement. After the bath, you feel differently, updated or something. Many spa treatments begin with a various kinds of baths: herbal, contrast, therapeutic, and foam. Recommended aromatic baths for relaxation. To do this you need to add water to essential oils that are better pre-mixed with sea salt or dissolved in cup of milk, because they are poorly water soluble. For a quick recuperation of bath oils help of bergamot, lemon, ylang-ylang. Remember that taking a bath should not exceed 20 minutes. Exceeding this time decreases moisture levels in the cells, increases the pressure, affects the heart.