Some find them something strenuous criticism from its worst side, but in the basic approach important for operational decision-making, the other nerves they only: the Decompositioner. They are hard-working, interested, engaged and work cooperatively. The behavior where the o. a. Moors polarization itself, is “finding a hair in each soup”. None of the works and no project, in which they are involved or not also remains negative concern without comment. They see themselves as corrective and critical instance. They justify their behaviour when approaching resentment of others thus, to clarify just everything in the sense of common cause and of success in every detail.

Their ultimate goal is to bypass any own responsibility and projects to influence processes or developments to their advantage. You are not able to develop their own solutions and use the “decomposition by criticism” as mounting strategy. Their statements are usually vague, so that they also have a unique position need to relate. They understand, consent or refusal so to speak that it them later cannot demonstrate, if they said “Yes” or “No”. They are persistent in their “criticism” and can also not be intimidated, one reason why many colleagues resign and they just “do”. With their superiors, they are often suffered, because you can exploit them excellently inter food equal. For business productivity and the working climate, they are harmful. The only way to fight them is to repudiate unambiguous commitments from them by persistent arguing. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS