Direct Marketing

Concretely, one is due to remember very his characteristics, that as it is indicated make specific in which each client is unique and she is tried that the client perceives therefore it. Direct and customized communication, costs lower than the trade and the traditional promotion. On the matter of his reach, it indicates Fredy to us Copete, that relational marketing initiates the operativizacin of one by one and as to its suggests it name, looks for to create, to fortify and to conserve the relations of short, medium and long term of the company with his buyers, with the purpose of to potentialise them in the profit of a greater number and possible quality of transactions, going to tools of marketing, public communications and relations. By the same author: Jonas Samuelson. With the strategy programs that, in first instance, the best clients with the best performances recognize and discount, that is to say, those are defined whose volumes of purchase, frequency of purchase, amount of the investment, commercial morality and antiquity in the relation, becomes more valuable for the organization and that normally volumes of entrance generate the majors whereupon it counts the company How to apply it and which is its plan? On them and it can indicate that The three steps fundamental of the relational trade they are: 1. Handling of data: Storage, organization and analysis. 2. Implantation of programs: Once identified the clients, their needs and desires arm strategies to obtain their loyalty.

3. Feedback: After realising the first contacts with the clients the data bases are updated initially constituted and a pursuit becomes of the preferences and the behaviors of the clients consequently are arrived at a relation of long term. One of the component majors of the relational trade is the call Direct Marketing, that combines tools like publicity, public relations, promotion, direct and telemercadeo mail.