Dragan Matijevic

They give security in dealing with the channels and make you want to try new and leave other paths. The tasks of social media guidelines can be summarised as follows: avoid errors limiting of risks employees provide security of information pointing out limits items motivate attunement on a common strategy for the use and the components of social media guidelines should focus on the requirements and the conditions of the respective company building social media guidelines. While it’s only on, to develop their own content which primarily carry the CI of the company and meet the brand essence of the company. A coarse framework is basically from a variety has already been inserted create elements themselves, with following elements occur very often in practice: brief introduction to the topic of many employees have not clearly understood the principle of social media and find it difficult with many English Technical terms that have conquered our media landscape. Therefore, it is imperative to recommend a thorough introduction to the topic beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. Objectives and strategy of the activities in the social Web so that all employees know why the company is actually involved in the social Web, the broad objectives and the strategy followed the company activities, should be briefly presented. Occurrence of the company if the company in a certain way will occur, should be this laid down in the guidelines. “These include for example the address with you” or you “or a particular wording.

Use in the workplace that question, whether social media channels in the workplace are allowed or not, is of fundamental importance. Especially if the company allows you to use (also) for private purposes, limits and rules should be, defined here as with regard to duration, data protection and security. Legal issues are copyright infringement, trademark infringement, privacy and co. not to disregard and provide surprises again and again, especially in the early days, evil and thick! Set so what is and what isn’t in advance exactly. Starting with the imprint on the own facebook fanpage to towards the parts of articles and claims that may damage any reputation. The range of protection reasons is very wide.

It has proven examples of very effective, some positive as well as negative examples. (Similarly see: Kevin Johnson). “Just the no-go BBs” abstract prohibitions make tangible and clearly show borders. Much of what was actually well intentioned can afterwards negatively, E.g. participation in heated or political discussions in the network, etc dealing with criticism is dealing with constructive customer – or fan criticism for the external representation and the social reputation of central importance. How do you behave with sharp criticism on the part of the customer? Delete or short position to take? There are classic No. in the social-go BBs and this includes censoring posts on the page. Such examples are extremely unpopular with Users in the social media and not rarely lead to the so-called Shitstorm. Many social media agencies offer you support in the introduction of social media marketing elements in your company. Use therefore the experience of competent specialists. Dragan Matijevic of brand parkvilla GmbH