Economic Measures

Niedergelassene physicians use image management in the practice of practising doctors in the management of their practices on simple, pragmatic and possible economic measures. An example is the patient satisfaction, which is equated with the practice image for simplicity. Click More information for additional related pages. But this is a fallacy as shown in an example. Image analysis are a rarity in the health care industry. So was determined so far just once in a quarter of the Krankenhauserder status of the image and the insufficient. Waive such investigations are also MVZ, physician networks or associations.

And last but not least practitioners. This is overlooked however, that a more intense competition, both in the outpatient and inpatient sector, but also between the two areas is a growing patient sovereignty and in particular a growing selection transparency (keyword: “Doctor and clinic evaluation portals”) further increase the importance of images for the economic success of companies in the health industry. Straight Doctors is also not aware that in spite of positive results in patient satisfaction the image of a doctor’s Office can be bad (“Patientenzufriedenheits case”). The following illustration shows what I said: the satisfaction survey to the Organization in an orthopaedic practice resulted in a value determined based on school grades of 3.2, which is typical for practices of this discipline. An image analysis conducted at a later date for enterprise applications however indicates that the practice here has a profound problem, because the practice image is still below the average of the trade group. In addition a significant miscalculation of the team about the effect of their own. A sole evaluation of the practical situation at hand “Moment data” (satisfaction) would therefore lead you astray. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS