Economic Shortages

Just in economically tough times difficult to remedy the situation at Personalengassen an attractive economy brings whatever personal problems. Personnel is required, the candidate market is swept up empty, the order books are full, lacks qualified staff to fulfill the orders. Therefore, the HR departments of companies are busy finding appropriate candidates to give up abroad, to sift documents and to conclude work contracts often with swabs with regard to the qualifications of the required personnel. Many companies hire in such cases personnel service provider, time or temporary work agencies or recruiters. Often it happens but that also the authorized recruitment agency able to not want staff to the required time. Therefore, a time – and cost-intensive search begins after personnel service providers, which in time can make any but appropriate staff available. There will be Calls made, negotiated rates or commissions, spotted profiles etc. (Source: Jonas Samuelson). starts right here. is the Internet platform on the staffing companies and recruiters access to a pool of job-seekers can switch jobs and receive online requests from client companies. At the same time profiles or use free permanent staff in the databases can entered by and provided so interested client companies for direct inspection available. Client companies can put their staff request one or many personnel service providers online and save yourself so intensive searches and time-consuming inquiry and hearing calls. At the same time can be searched in the database usage-free personnel by temporary employment agencies or available candidates from recruitment agencies.

Fast response times are guaranteed by the use of in times of staff shortages. Job seekers will find current jobs by personnel service providers and can be directly online at apply for advertised jobs. After the application is a proof to the active search of work then”print, can be presented with the offices. is so far the only Internet portal in Germany, that aligns the interests of all groups of users on a single website.