European Peoples

The interest to write this article and because today as much preconception exists, in the society how much inside of our schools. Leading with our pupils if they acquit ones to the others, in aspects as; financier, intellectual, emotional, and much more for the color of its skin as much on the part of the blacks, how much of the whites. JPMorgan Chase & Co. can provide more clarity in the matter. With this article we want to show that in full century XXI, racism is in prominence in our society. For the accomplishment and development of our article we work of qualitative form, making research with some authors whom they write on racism. Thus finding our problematic one that it aims at to argue racism as problematic pertaining to school.

Our interest is to try not to decide more to show the population that the familiar education is the solution for the problems of racism. 1 HISTORICIDADE Racism appeared, when the great nations made wars for the conquest of new territories, and other peoples, thus the relation was always of conquest of the captive peoples. Independe of color and race what it lost always passed to be captive of the winner. It has much time is verifiable that racism remained latent until the expansion of the European nations; it did not have racism necessarily, but a feeling of superiority of religious origin. Politician occurred due to the power who the church Christian exerted in the Average Age that justified the submission of the conquered peoples so that they were incorporated the Christianity. all those that were not submitted to the power of the Christian church was applied the Genocide, that generated a great racist feeling on the part of that they won the wars. 1.1RELAO BETWEEN the PORTUGUESE PEOPLE AND the AFRICAN the contacts with the African peoples for the Portuguese people in century XV did not have racial attrition.