I just ask you to call a spade a spade. Miracles do not happen, dear critics. It's about money. Reliability, functionality and security costs money. About them later. Three perpetrators much more.

Most critics foaming at the mouth incriminating AvtoVAZ did not even realize that the quality of AvtoVAZ car is primarily a quality of components. Problems with the assembly of machines is much smaller than the problems with the components themselves, of which is going to machine. So I suggest to ease the pressure on 70 000 employees, and unleash your AvtoVAZ righteous anger of a million employees of hundreds of factories, suppliers, AvtoVAZ second and third lines. Here they are real pests! Make the metal of which then make machine parts that are then painted and assembled on AvtoVAZ. Oh, and some make plastics, which are processed to obtain the toughness, elasticity, color and many other properties. Of then poured plastics, plastic parts that are going to "major pests" in AvtoVAZ.

And paint, motors, wiring and much more. Hundreds of companies are working all over Russia, can be your friends or relatives are fed with these companies, distinguished criticism. They also need to "send home"? 4 Secrets of quality cars quality can not appear out of nowhere. It is a combination of excellent design of the machine, the quality of components, skills, and reliable equipment. All this requires money, time and money again! Equipment in the factories that produce components, have long been obsolete. Skilled workers leave much to be desired (hello Soviet PTU).