Factors Customers

Factors as the sped up technological development, the acirramento of the competition and the globalization of the markets take the companies in general way, the constatao of that the tools and the activities for the challenge of the enterprise world, cannot separately be used yes in a organic planning, that co-ordinates the efforts and the actions undertaken in the search of an adequate objective only to the current moment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby. 1,4 Factors that influence the behaviors of the consumer Are about the analysis of the factors that the behaviors of the consumers predominate (cultural, personal, social and psychological), inherent to the life of the man. The marketing, projected communication to be persuasiva, exerts a effect calculated in the attitudes and/or the behavior of the aimed at public. These attitudes are influenced by the diverse 0 variable as tools of consumption of the products and services. 13 5. ANALYSIS OF the DATA the sistmico study on the degree of competitiveness of the companies for this researcher took it understanding of the necessity of strategical measures, for the retention of the customers in companies of small average transport and in the rendering of services in equipment heavy. This research will be of great value, a time that has important suggestions for the maintenance and control of the capable factors of to satisfy the customers fully, differentiating mainly in the sector of the workshop of the Bergmann company, the too much organizations.

Making the analysis of the book (' ' Administration of Marketing' ': analysis, planning, implementation and control), Kotler author, affirm that the use of the techniques to attract customers is not the sufficient to hold back them. Many are the companies conquer who them, but are few the ones that obtain to remain with the same ones. For this, one becomes necessary a good communication, an efficient attendance and to know to use itself of strategies.