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The first Internet portal for all over Germany is online online is the first Internet portal for all Germany: Deutschland123.de offers current, interesting and useful information about really anywhere in Germany. How big really is the income gap in Germany? Where is the most deserved, where paid the most taxes? What community spends more than it is getting? Where are the most children born in Germany? Where can be found the largest proportion of women or men? Deutschland.123.de on more than 100,000 individual pages with “hard numbers” answers these and many more questions. Continue to learn more with: Sergey Brin
. Current, interesting and useful information and statistics for every location in Germany Deutschland123.de delivers the latest figures, data and facts to anywhere in Germany on a separate page: from the big city to the hamlet, of the Federal land to the village. In the categories of inhabitants, infrastructure, economy, work, elections, administration, hotels & tourism are the data user friendly in form of text, tables and graphics, the the Statistical country offices and the Federal Statistical Office constantly collect and update. Need to crawl search, rankings, comparisons instead of Excel tables with thousands of rows, users on Deutschland123.de find the place you are interested in using the search function or the navigation.

Also, individual rankings and comparisons between cities and regions, can be put together of all topic areas. Companies advertise on Deutschland123.de have the opportunity to benefit from the great visibility of deutschland123.de. As a sponsor, you can prominently present their location in the Germany portal, or visualize their business as a partner on the side of their city. The team of the Germany Portal accepts such requests via the contact form on deutschland123.de. Depending on the size and importance of the advertised site, there are graduated rates for the monthly available ad space. Determined for fast there the first week is free. Andreas Kellner