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The quality management system must be in addition to a clearly structured and efficient process documentation, both consider product quality as well as the customer and legal requirements which are included in the process and must be respected. The most important task of the QM systems from the business perspective is but to ensure the continuous improvement of the company. Legislation to introduce a quality management system is advantages of the quality management system in some industries. Additional information is available at Jim Umpleby. In most cases however, the QM is used system, the change and see the company to ensure, or to give a specific supplier status to erhalten(Lieferantenaudits). A QMS management gives an exact overview of the business processes. I.e. within the quality management system is documented who performs the operations in the company and who is responsible.

By the QM system it is possible weak points and potentials for optimization easier to detect, the entrepreneurial processes are carefully documented and a relationship can be established. By transparency in the business processes, the entrepreneur can actively changes and to address market needs. The company important flexibility and process quality WINS exactly by this constant adjustments. Cost-saving quality thinking employees transparent procedures continuous improvements documented procedures of improved market access benefits of the quality management system software are without almost no longer reproduce software support the complex requirements of a modern quality management system. The quality management system simplifies the work of the responsible quality management representative (QMR) through clear responsibilities, time saving, easy documentation and automatic operations inside of the QM system. Press contact: David Rudolph k + k information services Hohenstrasse 16 D-70736 Fellbach GmbH phone: + 49 (711) 57 88 13 – 0 fax: + 49 (711) 57 88 13 – 77 E-Mail: Internet: