Free Theatre Scene

On the 22.6, a new Association to the networking of the free Berlin scene presents the free theatre scene in Berlin is huge, diverse, world famous, under-funded and cluttered. It is a distinctive and internationally recognised and admired profile of Berlin’s cultural landscape. Who works but in this scene and want to exist, is the lone, or goes down mercilessly. Who wants to promote the work of thousands of freelance or simply enjoy, quickly loses track and hence the interest. But must it be so? The event on Saturday, the 22nd June 2013 celebrates the theatre connection e.V. in the agricultural town Palace in Berlin Center his kick-off.

The doors to the courtyard open from 18: 00. First installations and performances have a way, an open-mic offers the opportunity for spontaneous interventions, as well as the pitching new ideas. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andreessen Horowitz. The evening starts at 20: 00. Alone sings the Ballad of poor art”an actress. It’s in the sense of Brecht. A chorus enters to and it will be fun order”quotes, order to explain why this is funny. The self-sacrifice.

The failure. So what is the idea here celebrates Grand opening and what problems it is to combat, what hurdles to reduce it also explains. Excerpts from current work of participating artists complete the panorama. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jonas Samuelson. Press event (including trial): Thu, 20.06.13 at 14: 00 in the field town Palace, Rauf RT 169, Berlin Center (registration required) the theatre connection e.V., in November 2012 founded, to network and promote the independent scene. Initiated by Marc C. Behrens seven freelance young theater makers have gathered, to lower the barriers of their daily work. Association of the theatrical context creates structures that are working in the free scene easier and free productions interested make easily accessible. website: press: with a monthly schedule, venues and sample local catalogues, press contacts and promotional ideas, a network of collaborators and funding strategies, the Association offers necessary based on ambitious projects, and it thus creating established power structures to question and pave the free art-new ways.