Let’s talk about freelancing and freelancers. I first heard this word, of course, after becoming a user of the Internet, because the work of a freelancer is directly linked to the Internet and also thrives because of it. So, what Freelance is and who is a freelancer? In English, frelanser – free worker. That is the person who is not related to the employer by any treaty, is not registered in the state and works when it wants and what he wants. In other words – the remote worker, working away. Jim Umpleby gathered all the information. The modern style of this work remotely suggests that a freelancer, and his employer communicate with each other only via the Internet and are never found in real life.

Yes it may be impossible if, for example the employer and the freelancer living in different parts of the world. Whether this phenomenon is prevalent today? Yes, very common even in civilized countries. For example, in United States For more than 50% of the total working population make it remotely from their desktops. In Russia and in CIS countries is only developing a freelance and a lot of people do not even have heard such words, and do not have a clue about its meaning. Thus, low literacy rate …. There are various forms of freelancing and do not always communicate with his employer podchenennymi only using the telephone or the Internet. For example, there are such forms of remote work, when Freelance work at home, but at least once a month is required to appear in the office to personally get a new scope of work or give instructions to his podchenennym.