Functions Of A Community Manager

Today, the Community Manager and Community Manager is often attached to the department’s most innovative company, one that takes the initiative in the use of social networks. Typically, the CM belongs to the communication or marketing departments, although in some cases depend on technology or innovation. A medium or large organization, you should begin to rethink their organization from the base, and think that the management of social media is becoming a feature in itself. Thus, the CM may have, a staff position depending on a director general. A leading source for info: Ben Horowitz. Until that moment, and if separated from Marketing Communication, it seems reasonable that CMs are located on the first area, as their roles and responsibilities are linked to the tasks of public relations and communication managers.

Responsibilities and tasks of a Community Manager If the mission of CM resumieramos five tasks could include: Play: Monitor network constantly seeking conversations about our company, our competitors or our market. Circulate this information internally: Following this listening, you should be able to extract what is relevant to it, creating an understandable speech and give it to them to the appropriate people within the organization. Explain the position of the business to the community: The CM is the voice of the company towards the community, positive and open a voice that transforms the “internal jargon” of the company in understandable language. Answer and converses actively in all social environments in which the company has an active presence (profile) or the relevant entries occurring. Write articles on the company blog or other social media, using all the multimedia possibilities at your fingertips.

And also select and share content of interest to the community. Find leaders, both internally and externally: The relationship between the community and the company is supported by the work of its leaders and people of high potential. The CM must be able to identify and “recruit” these leaders, not only among the community, but especially within the company. Find ways of collaboration between the community and the company: Most managers know how the community can help grow your business. It’s not something they have never used in his career, or who have studied in business schools. The CM should be shown “the way” and help them develop a clear strategy for collaboration.