General Freedom

One of the most debated issues for humanity is freedom and the same has been disputed for centuries and that is why many philosophers have sought to define and implement the various situations that humans living under conditions of freedom. Here you will find a small analysis of freedom as seen from a movie which allows us to better understand this concept by religion, one of the elements which control human freedom and seeks ways to keep it under control. Freedom, according to Sartre, is the choice that man makes of his own being and the world, and even if the man is considered free, living limited by rules and obligations imposed upon it. It is clear that within these limitations the man is able to perform certain types of freedoms, although not absolute if it allows for choice. Similarly we can see in the movie a The Last Temptation of Cristoa when Jesus is on the cross and the devil comes disguised as angel, and offers download of the cross to let you live like a normal man, here Jesus was free to decide whether to fulfill their obligation or down, but of course he is deceived and manipulated and freedom of choice really was not valid therefore not given options to choose from. This normally happens with our choices which are not very large or there is simply no, then we really have no choice. But is there anyone that is entirely free, without obligations, without limitations? You can enter God because he has a superior that imposes an act of obedience or limit it has the opportunity to make the world of him and his will, he has the final decision when we die, etc. to So Is God free? We can not consider God forbid, because even when he has all the qualities mentioned above, limited lives to create miracles, lives rooted in the faith of humans, can not stop listening to the pleas and prayers of those who believe in him, in order is has become a slave to his own faith and religion as if his followers would leave chaos and would feel lost, because as mentioned in the movie, people need to believe in a supreme being to protect them, guide them, care for them and give them self-confidence.

That is why God is not free, because he himself became a slave of that faith, made the religious human subordinate to him and his obligation is to be with them, keep order, give them what they need so they are not lost and then he no longer has the freedom to choose whether it helps or not, it must meet that requirement and so we realize that we are not only limited by a higher being but also the masses we put barriers. Finally we can conclude that God is not free since, returning to the above, he can not leave their believers as he has stated that while they have faith in him, he will be with those who have it. Scorsese, Martin. a The Last Temptation of Christ.a EU 1989 Universal Pictures