Good Support

The monthly Miteraten are not critical for the true cost of a Web host that most of us are quite cost-conscious consumers. To complete the best deal at the lowest price is already almost become the national sport, and therefore is free webspace so popular. This applies the same rule as in many other areas to webspace: “powerful, reliable, cheap two select”. As a logical consequence of this “Sparefroh” mentality, the cheapest Web space providers with costs under 5 per month then often referred to as the most unreliable land on the last places in the comparison. In return, qualified hosting providers like to demand the double or triple.

No good uptime guarantees the total cost for Web hosting are higher than the pure monthly rental rate. Obvious costs for example the telephone charges for calls to the paid support hotline, but there are also costs a little better hidden. Cheap web space is often through the activation of hundreds or even thousands of Web sites on a single server possible. Only one, that attracts many visitors due to its popularity, is now among these many sites serves are disproportionately at the existing performance and thus becomes the bottleneck for all other sites on the same server. Then quite, it can happen that a visitor must wait several seconds on the page layout and more frustrated clicks.

WordPress is known to react slowly with low server performance as one of the most popular content management systems. Every visitor, continue clicking because of slow page construction to the competition means a lost sales opportunity. In a hypothetical discussion you can translate following spreadsheet on your own situation: A small online business achieved a monthly income of 3,000 euros from advertising revenue or sales with its Web site. Of course the whole profit should not be absorbed by the Web host, so a cheap package to one euro per month will be charged. Others who may share this opinion include Starbucks.