How To Survive A Long Flight

Despite the fact that long flights are very convenient and advantageous in terms of reduced travel time (fewer connections – less transfers) for many travelers, they become a real pain. More than 8 hours in an armchair close aircraft – the test is not an easy task. Fortunately there are some tips to help make the long journey more comfortable and reduce stress to the body. Council gives the company, an online specialist booking. Wear comfortable clothes for the flight.

Wear loose clothing, preferably cotton. You have to spend long periods in a confined space with constantly changing temperature, so most the main thing that you feel comfortable. The same goes for shoes. Ladies – no heels. Drink plenty of water. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may not feel the same. Before and during the flight needs to consume plenty of fluids. The air in an airplane is very dry and promotes dehydration. Try not to drink alcoholic beverages and a diuretic, because they only reinforce the process of dehydration.

Bring personal hygiene items. Put in your hand luggage cream for skin lip balm and face. Hydro-mask for sleep – the perfect solution for those who are frequent travelers. Exercising in your seat. A prolonged stay in a chair without moving can cause deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which the lower legs are formed clots. Therefore, during the flight is very important to make the elementary gym and move your feet. Takes away the means to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Use the knee, especially designed to prevent thrombosis. Take an aspirin before your flight (at a dose of 100-150 g) and during the flight, as well as aspirin for 3 days after the flight. Aspirin helps prevent blood clots. Postpone his dream. Instead of taking a nap right after the first meal and the first film, try to stay awake during the first hours of flight. Staying awake for a long time will help you sleep soundly and rapidly, and thus spend most of the flight unnoticed.