Important Thing

Life is not a philosophy, not a problem, it is a mystery. You have to live, not according to a certain pattern of behavior, not according to conditions in accordance with what you have told about it. You have to start again from scratch. Osho When we were given the opportunity to appear in this dimension, with the way we currently have, we must be aware that it is a unique opportunity and is manifested in a limited time, which unfortunately do not know when we have to leave our vehicle. Each minute of life that gives us is a treasure that we must not squander, knowing full use, act on it with the wisdom, strength, conviction, wisdom, used intensively, grow spiritually. a To the extent that we delve into our rationale for why we are determined, under conditions in which we operate, we will find the mission, what we do while we can be. Connect with other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala here. Osho about life nosa expressed some concerns that invite you to be thoughtful, to determine the message bequeathed to us as: Live life as dangerously as possible.

Live life fully, intensely, passionately, because life is the only God. Life is a prison, not a punishment. It is a reward and is given only to those who have earned it to those who deserve it. Now you have the right to enjoy. It would be a sin if you do not enjoy. The best way to lose life is to have a certain attitude towards it.