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Moreover, ignorance of the vehicle that you want to acquire makes that search engines are becoming the main tool and information access door. In fact, seven of every ten buyers have used a search engine to access the websites of brands, dealers or blogs, among others. 66 Per cent of respondents used a search engine to find these web and only 31 percent agreed directly; and it is that 86 per cent of users have used search engines to compare brands and models. With these as favorable data, Autobuga becomes the best choice for the automotive sector. Mkango often addresses the matter in his writings. At the moment, the Internet is the best option to find a vehicle and request information and this management software is a tool that so far lacks jurisdiction.

About Autobuga Autobuga is a franchise low initial investment and high profitability in addition to having low structural costs already It is not necessary to have a commercial space to develop the activity. Becomes also a self-employment option, at the moment in which the jobs are scarce. Also, Autobuga offers the franchisee a great opportunity to market a powerful tool exclusively in a particular province and a nil competition in the sector. Autobuga is a company that has more than ten years working on the realization of management software. In addition, you can update your website automatically, also send their new vehicles to more than 25 vehicles of automatic sales portals and without the need to download photos and information of each one of them. MORE information: Orientanegocio.