In particular, the necessity of the developed nations to use the forces of the cheap man power in these countries. It is not no surprise that the economies of these nations are passing for a period of expansion. As result, the competition in practically all the sectors of the economy are if becoming fierce. The statisticians disclose that China exceeded U.S.A. as the exporting greater of merchandises, but the United States still continue being world-wide the exporting greater of goods and services in general. Let us take, for example, the automotiva industry. While Japan can have its Toyota, the United States have its three great assembly plants and of the number of import countries automobiles of the United States are increasing. The same it is applied to other industries, as the drink industry.

Coca-Cola, an American company, is the greater of all the manufacturers and drink deliverer of the world, with a line of products that takes care of to the taste of diverse cultures in the whole world. You can cite a country where you cannot buy Coca-Cola. Thus, then what accurately he takes in account the fall in the importation of products of the United States? This descending starts to be predominant in the manufacturing sector. The United States are each time more depending on manufactured importations of foreign. But this is not of form in detriment of the United States, or for the world, this substance. For the opposite, this increasing interdependence in the foreign commerce of U.S.A.

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