Job Applicant

There is increasing Articles the importance of persuasive messages. They speak about how to subdue potential applicants compelling content, how to highlight text in perspective in the work, rather than strict requirements for candidates. It is important that Job Applicant easily found and then responded to it. But there is another aspect that is often overlooked when looking for the best employees: the importance of long-term prospects and the company's image by using ad. In other words, branding companies and jobs. By branding job is "binding" job with something significant, such as the large project of the conquest of the market, the output of new products / services development career.

Ask the candidates, whether your company has a "good place to work." If 60% respond yes – this is a good result. Give candidates a chance to see more advantages and prospects for your company. This is a big influence on candidate choice, when he had several job offers. This affects the choice of his family and friends when he consults with them (and he does it!). More about branding the company as an employer – to become a brand, as an important condition for hunting talents.

4. Squeeze all of the company's website. Develop your corporate website, not only as a platform for the sale of goods and services but also as a platform for the sale of "a good place to work." Almost 90% corporate sites that I get – unsuccessful in attracting talented employees. At best, they can only attract more candidates.