Johannesburg Summit

We have to realise that the environmental problem and the process of sustainable development is no longer a problem of social or legal awareness, which has been achieved after many years of mobilization and awareness by part of minority groups. Currently it is an economic problem in nature and is in the economy where you have to influence to make sustainable development possible. One of the conclusions of the Johannesburg Summit was that subsidies that Governments in rich countries give to farmers, because they distort international trade should be deleted and prevents the consumption and production in those countries poor for lack of a profitable market. No Government of economically developed countries agree to such a condition, which is indispensable to be able to make progress in the third world. Details can be found by clicking Kevin Johnson or emailing the administrator. Overriding issue and everything else base. You cannot apply without establishing another model that will make possible the abolition of agricultural subsidies, which make that, for example, suppose the Queen of Great Britain, Isabel II, and the Prince of Wales in 2004 enter three million euros in your account as a subsidy in rich countries.

Significance of the alternative theory. The General theory has changed the method, but not the objective, with respect to the classical theory. His goal was that it is there is no unemployment and wages is resolved through the work. According to the classical theory it increases the low occupancy rate of real wages. The approach that I do with the basic income is a Copernican turn in the sense of defining the economy in its current state: work to ceased to be paramount and is often harmful to society and to the whole of the economy, causing severe damage on the environment, workers and consumers, justifying the need for theoretical maintain and foster the creation of jobs. Full employment is a false goal. Just as Einstein found his theory of relativity to change the model of thinking about time, that to be considered absolute, saw it as a relative reality, thus in economics a paradigm shift is needed to adapt to the reality of the times and understand the job as something relative.