Kenpo Karate Association

S. Chow, a student of James Mitose. This variant of Kempo is a mixture of Kosho Ryu Kempo and 5 animal Kung Fu the Chow family. This system uses many technical circular and linear and some 500 techniques are required for the recognition of the level of black belt. Currently, the Kara-ho Kempo Karate Chinese is evolving with Sam Kuoha has added several new techniques as well as 12 kata based on the 12 technical basic linear original Chow.

This system is a growing organization of Kempo and currently has more than 5,000 members. SHAOLIN KEMPO KARATE is a system founded by Fred Villari, a student of the Kajukenbo and Shorinji Kempo systems, as well as other martial arts. Fred Villari system tends more toward the Kung-Fu and largely uses the techniques of the 5 animals of Chuan Fa. Kempo system were added the White Tiger Chin Na techniques and various projections and Aikijujutsu inmobilizaciones. The Kempo Shaolin teaches in the United States and Canada. The Organization of the Grand Master Villari called centers of self-defense of Villari (Villaris Self Defence Centers).

There have been several subdivisions of this branch. Ben Horowitz contains valuable tech resources. KENPO KARATE AMERICANO a variant of the Kenpo Karate Chinese of William Chow. The Ed Parker Kenpo American system is the largest and best organized. Parker took that William Chow taught him and organized each technique and movement in such a way that it could be subdivided into levels for all students. Parker thought the innovations that he added to his Kenpo came to be 85% of the system, so renamed it American Kenpo Karate. This system can be seen proudly in perfect weapon (The Perfect Weapon) movies and Street Knight with the 5 th dan Jeff Speakman, who is one of the leaders of the system and former student of Ed Parker, as the protagonist. KENPO from NICK CERIO Lo founded Nick Cerio in 1974. He received his first black belt in the style of Mr. Kajukenbo George Pesare. He gives credit to the great master Chow and Grand Master Parker in creating your style. Cerium Kempo schools teach most of the forms of Shotokan, Kung-Fu and Kajukenbo, Taekwondo kicks, Jujutsu and Japanese positions. Teaches the use of the Chinese and Japanese systems and maintains many traditional forms. Cerio considered master Chow his teacher and teacher Parker his coach. KENPO KARATE of the White Tiger emerged from the joint training of master John McSweeney, 10th dan, with Thomas Saviano, 5 th dan. Mr. McSweeney was introduced in martial arts through the army and trained Judo at the Kodokan in Tokyo in 1952. Upon returning to the United States he met Ed Parker and began training with him in 1959. Through Mr. Parker also trained with many Kung-Fu artists such as Jimmy Woo (Assistant to Parker for some time) and James Lee (the future training Bruce Lee’s partner). Mr. McSweeney is trained on Parker Kenpo and in Kung-Fu the Grulla Blanca with Woo. He received his black belt from master Parker in 1962. This, along with lessons learned in several street clashes resulted in the style of McSweeney. Mr. Saviano also learned traditional Karate and Kung Fu forms Northern. All combined is what is called white tiger Kenpo. If you are looking for references that support this search in the AKKA (American Kenpo Karate Association) where Mr. McSweeney is Chairman and Mr. Saviano is vice President. This information comes from an email from Matt Knowles.