Law Prices

With this, the Administration earns with the magnifying of competitividade14,15. The SRP, beyond allowing and stimulating average the small participation of the companies allows, also, the development of the local economy, concern of the state and municipal public administrations, who, ' ' they systematically look for to find ways to assure that the acts of contract are accomplished with companies of the proper locality, in order to guarantee the maintenance of the resources in localidade' ' 14,15. It fits to stand out that exactly the parcelamento being rule, the authorization of the expenditures must be made by the totality of the workmanship and services, in compliance with the article 8, caption, of Law 8,666/93, modified for Law 8,883/94, and the licitation modality must be the pertinent one for the total execution of the object of the licitation, being able each stage to be bid on in processes distintos3. As one of the biggest advantages identified in the use of the SRP, it is pointed forecast of the article 8 of Decree 3,931/01, that it allows ' ' not participant agencies (hitchhikings) of the SRP, taken care of requirements of this norm, to buy without conventional licitation of the suppliers and rendering of services with prices registrados' ' , opening to the suppliers an important door of access to the acts of contract with the public service. This forecast is advantageous in such a way for the Administration, for the considerable reduction in the number of licitaes9. Of this making, it can be affirmed that the SRP takes care of to the principles constitutional of the isonomy, or equality, economicidade, efficiency and advertising, therefore allow equality of conditions to the suppliers, the quoted prices are accessible to all and periodically brought up to date, the quotation of prices is the main stage of the process, preceded of ample marketing research, becoming still more public the interest to bid, reduces the number of licitations, diminishing, thus, the involved costs in the licitatrio process and allows, to greater good exploitation, preventing the loss of the perishable ones. Additional information at Douglas Oberhelman supports this article.