Lecturer Juan Benito

Juan Benito Rodriguez Apple orchards Poet, writer, novelist, contributor, lecturer, military man. He is born in the city of Valencia in the Valencian district of the Virgin of the Abandoned ones, next to which outside the avenue of Castile, today reconciled of the Cid, and crowned by the great bell tower of the impressive church of the Passion of the Gentleman, refuge of a community of Jesuits, day 12 of April of 1962, being the third son of Leandra and Diego. Our Mrs. of Ftima, concluding the same in center of professional formation initiates her studies in center, San Vicente Ferrer in the district of San Isidro. In both institutions she takes advantage of his stay in them, obtaining his corresponding titles. She completes his studies in several centers, in which she obtains different titles that credit like technician in different fields like the electricity or the electronics to it. Some years later she realises other courses of formation, oriented in a new direction, between which she is possible to emphasize his studies of Valencian language, as the obtaining of the title of professor of Valencian Language and the course of initiation to the Valencian poetry would end at. From very young one feels especially predisposed to the narration and the poetry, being one of his first poems, you remain There Valencia, dedicated to its native city when having to leave it to fulfill the SMO. His first novel wrote, in 1996 shortly after finishing it the SMO, in which it narrates the eventful journeys of a soldier available, immersed in the deliriums of greatness of the lieutenant colonel of its battalion, the novel takes by title, Heroes available. In spite of it its labor scope always will be related to the military world, fulfilling its different uses in places like Cordova or Algeciras.