Like Finding The Best Name De Dominio

To all there is past to us, that on the verge of mounting ours blog to make Branding Personal, and with the niche of identified market, knowing what subjects to touch and until with hosting in the sight, we create to be ready to leave to Internet. And then we realize of which the most important decision needs The Name of Dominion, and that is adapted. This is what we make to find our Names of Dominion. Thus For Dayana we have been creating a Blog for your Personal, then Branding the first recommendation is that your name is you yourself name of dominion. In our case, we chose that it has including our names.

If, for example, an entrepreneur is called Carlos Perez, the best thing will be than their name of dominion in Internet is. If that dominion already exists (by some other entrepreneur with the same name in Internet), then you will need to try with combinations so that your name is unique. For example:,, and others. If you pay attention, each one of these examples is with .com, that is the recognized, used extension more and recommended in Internet. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Horowitz offers on the topic.. And How Does Freddy? I see the dominion names as if a tattoo she was.

After it to have contracted and to have it in operation and with a campaign of promotion, I cannot change of opinion, that dominion always remains with me. It can be that it at some time needs to change it, but then I must put the old dominion aiming at the new one, not to lose traffic those who knows that dominion previous. Clearly, the best thing is to always have a same dominion. That is the reason by which I take my time, sometimes up to one week (or if more outside necessary) to give with good reputation of dominion, that soon he is coherent with my message for my niche of market and that also he is excellent. As Dayana explained does a little while, most recommendable it is than your dominion for Personal Branding contains clearly your name. And also that is a .com dominion. Although other extensions like .net can be used, the truth is that Google always positions far better .com by on all the other types of dominion. Although Google says that it is not thus, the reality is that if, is an opportunity that you can be useful. Then from the beginning it sees by .com. Then to find your dominion personal, to make Network Marketing in Internet by means of Personal Branding, it uses your own name, that to your contains it clearly dominion. And quedarte with a .com is more recommendable although a little more work costs to you to find a name available.