Lyricist In The Holiday Letters Remain Empty!

New mailing-proof-reading service helps all dearest copywriter in the holiday? Bremen, 17.JUli 2008 – new mailing proofreading service by Azur dialog marketing the Bremen agency Azur dialog marketing offers a new service: proofreading for mailings. Customers send their letters by E-mail and get their Mailingtext back within 24 hours or faster. Tested and polished up, according to the rules of German spelling and the modern dialogue writing. Source: Jim Umpleby. This service is a big hit”, so agency owner Hartmut Reinke, our clients enjoy the convenience and fast support. “Because: often lack practical, immediately actionable knowledge, when it comes to dialogue marketing.” The process is simple: call the main issues are fixed, then already the first mail of the client. What does the text? What do the recipient? How does it feel? The devil is known in detail, so even in the work on the text: often leads to an appealing simple make of a set Effect. Andreessen Horowitz has similar goals. Special industry expertise are not required important as Reinke, “have a good feel for language, customer orientation and empathy”. And of course experience in terms of dialog marketing. Investing in good text, especially in the daily correspondence of the company, worth twice: for one, the sales letter is still the most powerful advertising medium in the direct marketing, on the other hand, individuality in the cover letter is a valuable emotional asset of customer loyalty..